Better Call Saul Episode 9: “Nailed”

Better Call Saul Episode 9: “Nailed”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Episode 9: “Nailed”


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Sullywood Rating: 9.5/10

What We Learned:

  • Mike uses his homemade spike strip to stop Hector’s truck, take the driver hostage, and finds $250,000 in one of the tires.  Mike seems like a new man, buying drinks for people, flirting with waitresses, all seems right in the world….until he gets a phone call
  • Mike meets with Nacho and Nacho asks him if he was responsible for the heist. Mike confesses his role but states that the driver had no idea who he was, trying to reassure Nacho that it wouldn’t come back to him.  Mike explains that he wanted to attract police attention in order to screw Hector.  Nacho explains that a “good Samaritan” luckily came along, helped the driver, and they were able to clean everything up without the police.  One last note, Nacho states that Hector tied up all the loose ends, including killing the “good Samaritan”…..Mike looks upset by the news due to him being responsible for the murder
  • HHM and Mesa Verde meet with the Banking Board.  The hearing for the new bank location goes awry thanks to the address on the files not matching….hmmmm wonder how that could’ve happened?  This creates a six week delay for Mesa Verde
  • Unhappy with what happened at the hearing, Mesa Verde calls Kim and tells her they want to come back to her
  • Ernie contacts Kim to let her know that the files for Mesa Verde are at Chuck’s place and she can come get them, Jimmy tags along
  • When they arrive, Chuck begins to run through how he believes Jimmy sabotaged the files and therefore their business.  He begins to argue his case to Kim and it seems as if Kim is going to have another one of her disappointed moments with Jimmy.  Instead though, Kim explains to Chuck that he would have no evidence to prove this and she believes Chuck just made a mistake.  Chuck is furious as he never makes mistakes!
  • Back at home and ready for bed, Kim begins to insinuate to Jimmy that if Chuck was indeed correct, he is an excellent lawyer and that someone would need to cover their tracks….aka Jimmy you’d better not fuck this up!
  • Jimmy heads back to the copy shop to cover his tracks  He discovers Ernie there and waits until he leaves to enter.  He walks in and successfully bribes the employee.  Chuck arrives a few minutes later.  He begins to interrogate the worker and when the worker continues to deny seeing Jimmy, Chuck begins to get angry.  While continuing his arguments we can see that Chuck is starting to lose it with all of the electronics around.  Due to the amount of machines going on, Chuck faints and hits his head on one of the counters.  Jimmy watches from across the street, reluctant to help due to the circumstances

My Thoughts:

Jaw dropping, heart pounding, almost perfect.  “Nailed” was the best episode of the season, heck the best episode of the series.  As usual, each scene was hand crafted to near perfection.  My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the entire last scene of “Nailed” and then a gasp came from my mouth when Chuck took the plunge.  Outstanding.

For the past couple of episodes, I’m finally more intrigued with what is going on with Jimmy and Kim than with Mike.  Mike’s story line seems to be around so that he can be.  Even Nacho brings up a point that Hector isn’t even thinking about Mike anymore, there’s no need for Mike to still be thinking about Hector.  Mike clearly holds grudges.

Man, Kim Wexler is awesome.  I was screaming…nay…cheering when she was giving it to Chuck at his place.  She’s 100% correct as well.  Chuck is partially responsible for the way Jimmy is and although he believes he’s perfect, Chuck screws up in many ways just like Jimmy.

I can’t wait for next week.  There have been rumors about a certain big character from Breaking Bad possibly making an appearance in the finale.  My lips are sealed because if it’s true, (which it’s probably not) I don’t want to ruin anything for you.  See you after next week’s season finale!

Your Thoughts:

What noise uttered from your mouth when Chuck fell and hit his head?


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