Better Call Saul Episode 1: “Switch”

Better Call Saul Episode 1: “Switch”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Ep. 1 “Switch”

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Sullywood Rating: 9/10

What We Learned:

  • Saul’s future life at Cinnabon ain’t so sweet…..ah thank you…(Opening scene was classic BB)
  • We meet Clifford Main, played by the legendary Ed Begley Jr. and we witness what happened before the end of last season.  Jimmy turns down the interview due to his relationship with Kim.
  • Daniel pulls up and is ridin’ spinners to meet Mike for another job for Nacho.  Mike refuses to get in Daniel’s proud H2 and Daniel goes to meet Nacho alone, against Mike’s advice.  Daniel counts Nacho’s money and Nacho helps himself to Daniel’s registration
  • Daniel or should I say PLAYUH’s H2 is the epitome of the early 2000’s:

don't stop

  • We witness post-lawyer Jimmy McGill or Mr. Cumstain (LOL) relaxing at a hotel.  Kim comes to visit him and wants answers.  Jimmy explains that he’s tired of trying to please Chuck and doing the right thing.  He’s doing what’s right for him.

umma do me

  • During the conversation between Jimmy and Kim, we see and hear quite the d-bag in the background.  Jimmy continues to pay attention to the man.  He tells Kim to follow his and lead and they go over to the man.  Jimmy pulls a classic Slippin’ Jimmy and the con is on.  They pretend to be brother and sister and they need help investing their brand new inheritance.  After getting food and very expensive drinks, they go “into business” with the man and leave him with the bill and an awful feeling.  They leave the bar and kiss outside.
  • By the way, our d-bag stock broker, we’ve seen him before.   Ken or Ken Wins plays the thoughtful gentleman in season 1 of Breaking Bad that steals Walt’s parking spot:

ken wins

  • And after he meets Walt?

kens car

  • Ken doesn’t seem to “Win” a lot
  • (Another Breaking Bad Easter egg alert, that expensive tequila?  Gus uses the same kind to poison the cartel)
  • After their kiss at the hotel, Jimmy and Kim don’t stop there, as we see them back at Kim’s place the next morning
  • Two police officers enter Daniel’s home and it looks like Nacho made good use of that address.  Daniel continues to ask the police officers the same question, Have you seen my baseball……cards?
  • The officers are extremely suspicious of Daniel and continue to ask him questions.  As Daniel goes to the back of his house, the officers notice that his couch is completely fine and intact.  They pull the couch back from the wall and notice a baseboard that’s a little loose.  They find nothing.
  • (One last BB Easter egg, one of the cops at Daniel’s was also at Walt’s house in Breaking Bad)
  • As Jimmy spends another day at the pool, he notices his next mark.  He calls Kim to inform her and leaves her a message, which seems like it’s probably not the first of the day.  He then pauses, thinks for a bit, and then asks the operator for the number for Davis and Main.
  • We see Jimmy meet his new co-workers at Davis and Main.  We also see his brand new office, the one he’s always wanted

My Thoughts:

I loved “Switch” so much.  It was brilliant.  The pacing was pure art.  Every scene was masterfully crafted.  That’s what I love about Vince Gilligan and company, they can make any scene great and suspenseful.  I mean even Gene/Saul/Jimmy sitting in a dumpster back area for 5 minutes trying to get out was exhilarating.

It was great to see that little bit of Saul come out in Jimmy, and just when you thought we’d get full blown Saul, the show “switches” us in another direction.  This was obviously way too early for Jimmy to go full Darth Goodman, but I know I was at the edge of my seat watching Jimmy cross the line just a little bit over to his inevitable alter ego’s side.

I was thinking to myself, why did I enjoy “Switch” so much more than others?  The answer?  It had ZERO Chuck.  I love Michael McKean as an actor and I think he did a hell of a job as Chuck last season, but I thought the character dragged the story and many of the scenes down.  This Chuck-free episode nice that we didn’t have to discuss Chuck’s “affliction” or have Jimmy care about what Chuck thinks.  Obviously we see that Chuck will be coming back, let’s hope Jimmy sticks it to that two-faced bastard.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode already.  But for now, in honor of Daniel “PLAYUH” Warmolt’s sweet ride, I leave you with this gem:


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