Game of Thrones Ep. 1: “The Red Woman”

Game of Thrones Episode 1: “The Red Woman”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 1: “The Red Woman”


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Sullywood Rating: 8.5/10

What We Learned:

Castle Black:

  • Ser Davos and Jon’s loyalists discover Jon Snow’s body
  • Thorne gathers up the the Night’s Watch and explains his reasoning and behavior in regards to killing Jon Snow.  Afterwards he gives Ser Davos and the other men a choice, fight them or they live and they will be given rations
  • Melisandre, who has clearly lost her way, takes her necklace off and reveals her true self, a reeeeeally old woman


  • Ramsay mourns the fallen Myranda
  • Sansa and Theon continue their escape.  Ramsay’s men eventually catch up to them and when all seems lost….Brienne and Pod arrive just in time and kill all of Ramsay’s men
  • Once again, Brienne offers her services to Sansa, who this time…wisely takes it

King’s Landing:

  • Jaime arrives home where an excited Cersei meets him.  But that joy doesn’t last long as Cersei sees the look on Jaime’s face and Myrcella’s body under a blanket behind him
  • Jaime, who is seeing a broken and beaten Cersei, promises her that they will take their revenge on everyone


  • Doran and Areo Hotah are betrayed and killed by Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, and later, Trystane suffers the same fate as news of Myrcella’s death reaches Dorne


  • Tyrion and Varys contemplate a plan for the city since Daenerys has yet to return.  As they are walking the city, citizens begin screaming and running past them.  They run towards the yelling and find that all of the ships are burning in the harbor
  • Jorah and Daario continue their search for Daenerys and receive some hope by finding her wedding ring
  • Danerys is taken by the Dothraki and presented to Khal Moro.  She reveals her true identity which saves her from being another Khal’s wife.  Khal Moro apologizes for the mistake and informs her that she’ll be taken to the temple where widows of lost Khals live out their remaining days….well that sounds like a blast


  • Arya is living on the streets again, but without her eye sight now.  She is approached and fought against by the waif.  After taking a beating, the waif leaves and says that she’ll see her tomorrow

My Thoughts:

I thought “The Red Woman” was a fantastic way to start off the season.  We got to reconnect with almost all of our characters and for some story lines….we received a little closure.

My biggest grip with Game of Thrones is that at times there just aren’t enough feel good scenes or endings.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cheer so loud that my neighbors could hear me when Brienne showed up and saved Sansa from Ramsay’s men.  After years of Brienne attempting to deliver her promise to Lady Stark, she finally gets her chance and I felt rewarded as a viewer.

Fresh off watching the newest season of House of Cards, I was completely getting an Underwood vibe by watching Jaime and Cersei reunite and Jaime declare war on…..


As much as I hate Cersei, I am looking forward to this power couple…..yeah that’s still just so wrong to say.

The only story that I find tired as of right now is Arya’s.  There are too many times where we see her in the depths of hell basically and it’s getting old quickly.  Please please please don’t have this homeless-blind thing drag on throughout the whole season!

With Jon Snow currently dead, this week in “The Red Woman” we got a real chance to see some of the supporting characters get some time to shine.  Specifically Ser Davos, who was a joy to watch this week.  Speaking of Jon Snow, in my opinion there was little to no drop off with his absence.  That’s not a slight at Kit Harrington, but just a testament to how well this show balances it’s characters and story lines.

Wow that last scene!  Not a single word uttered and still so powerful.  It will be interesting to see what’s next for Melisandre.  First Stannis is dead, who she had seen in her own vision as the new king.  Then Jon Snow is killed, someone else who she saw destined for greatness.  I never cared for her character until this episode, great stuff.

Your Thoughts:

This has never been asked before….but is Jon Snow dead?


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