Game of Thrones Ep. 4: “Book of the Stranger”

Game of Thrones Episode 4: “Book of the Stranger”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 4: “Book of the Stranger”

Book of the Stranger

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Sullywood Rating: 9.5/10

What We Learned:

Castle Black:

  • Edd voices his displeasure to Jon over his choice to leave the Night’s Watch
  • Sansa, Brienne, and Pod arrive at Castle Black and Sansa has a well overdue reunion with Jon
  • Jon explains to Sansa that he’s tired of fighting and has no desire to help her in her quest to win Winterfell back.  Sansa tries her best to persuade him otherwise
  • At the end of this conversation, a letter is presented to Jon.  The letter is from Ramsay who, to cut it short, basically wants to destroy everything Jon Snow has ever cared about if he doesn’t receive Sansa back.  After reading this lovely little note, Jon decides to march south and end Ramsay….how I took this news:

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  • Osha! Welcome back Osha!  That darling angel attempts to assassinate the awful Ramsay Bolton by using her talents.  Unfortunately her plan fails and she is killed by him.  Well that was a short lived welcome back…..


  • Tyrion and Varys meet with the slave masters of Slaver’s Bay to give them an offer they can’t refuse.  Peace will be given as long as slavery is ended within seven years
  • Missandei and Grey Worm are none to pleased with Tyrion’s negotiations and voice their apprehension to him, including Grey Worm questioning whether Tyrion’s intentions go against Daenerys’s vision


  • We are re-introduced to Robin Arryn, who looks much older, but still has that weasley charm to him.  Littlefinger returns and convinces Robin to send their troops against Ramsay, who agrees

King’s Landing:

  • Margarey is taken to the High Sparrow where we get a brief history of his life….guess there’s no High Sparrow-centric flashback episode then?  After their conversation, Margarey is taken to see Loras, who looks…..awful
  • Cersei is informed by Tommen of the High Sparrow’s intentions and she spreads the news to the small council.  They discuss their plans on how to put their differences aside and take down the High Sparrow and the faith militant

Iron Islands:

  • Theon arrives home where he receives a less than warm greeting from his dear sister.  Yara, believing that Theon is only back to take the throne, gives him a tongue lashing.  Yara asks Theon for his true intentions, and he explains that he doesn’t want the throne, and wants to help her get it

Vaes Dothrak

  • Daario and Jorah arrive at the camp and plan out their attack.  During this discussion, Daario is witnessed to Jorah’s greyscale
  • Daenerys makes a new friend from the Dosh Khaleen.  She then exclaims that she needs to use the restroom, where she is reunited with Daario and Jorah
  • Daenerys goes to her meeting with the Khals where they ponder her future.  Daenerys has a suggestion….let her rule over them.  This of course is taken well and Khal Moro shares his plan for Daenerys.  When he’s done talking, Daenerys goes to the fiery cauldrons that light the temple, and she spills them over at the men.  The men try to escape, but Daario and Jorah have locked the doors from the outside, thus leading to the men burning alive and Daenerys showing the Dothraki her true power as she isn’t burned by the fire…they all bow to her


My Thoughts:

Wow…..what a season finale!!!!! Wait…only the 4th episode of the season????  This show is straight killing it.  I shared last week that I thought there was too much going on.  While that is still true, this show has taken my comments and basically have said shove it and “because we’re the best show on television and you suck.”  I can’t agree more.  A remarkably excellent episode “Book of the Stranger” was, in the middle of a season no less.

The reunion of the century!!!!! Or is it?  I was ecstatic to see Sansa and Jon reunite.  Then we get to the scene where Sansa is enjoying all of the luxuries of the Night’s Watch….mainly their food.  Any who, also in the scene Sansa apologizes to Jon for being awful to him since the beginning of  time, and it got me thinking…..I might be mistaken, but I don’t believe the audience has ever witnessed a scene in which these two are together.  Which made this reunion somewhat awkward for me after realizing this epiphany or apostrophe if you’re a pirate:


Either way, it’s great to see any of the Stark kids reunited….keep it coming GoT writers.

Is Ramsay’s reign of terror coming to a close soon?  There seem to be a lot of people that plan to join together to go after the psychopath of House Bolton.  Meanwhile, he seems content on eating fruit and using trump cards like Rickon Stark.  Please please please give me an early Christmas present and have each member of the cast get a chance of stabbing him ala Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch.

I mentioned season finale earlier when talking about “Book of the Stranger”, and there was definitely one parallel that was hard to miss with this episode and the season finale of Season 1.  I’m obviously talking about the ending of each of those episodes.  In “Book of the Stranger” we see Daenerys once again rising from the proverbial ashes and straight grabbing her thrown right back. Both times she shows the Dothraki of her abilities and it’s something that can only be described as epic once again.

Your Thoughts:

Is Ramsay going to escape this mutiny of sorts, or will things continue to go his way?


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