Game of Thrones Ep. 5: “The Door”

Game of Thrones Episode 5: “The Door”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 5: “The Door”


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Sullywood Rating: 9.5/10

What We Learned:

Castle Black:

  • Sansa receives a letter and takes Brienne with her to meet with Baelish, who was the sender.  He offers her the support of the Vale, as well as gives her information that Brynden Tully is putting together an army at Riverrun
  • Sansa refuses Baelish’s help and does something that I believe nobody else has ever done on this show….truly make Littlefinger feel bad for his actions
  • Along with Jon Snow, Sansa leaves Castle Black in hopes of garnering support from the other Northern houses


  • Arya continues her training with the waif.  Afterwards, she is given a second chance to prove herself by Jaqen.  He orders her to kill an actress
  • When Arya goes to gather a little recon on her, she witness the actress and other actors putting on a play regarding the events leading up to Ned Stark’s execution

Iron Islands:

  • The Kingsmoot is up for grabs this week and as expected Yara raises her hand as the new king.  Some of the men suggest that the son of the former king would be better, but Theon pledges his loyalty and backing to Yara
  • Just as it seems Yara will win the Kingsmoot, Euron Greyjoy appears and despite even confessing to killing Balon, he wins out
  • Yara, Theon, and some of the other people flee with the whole fleet of ships.  Euron vows to kill them

Vaes Dothrak (sort of):

  • Daenerys contemplates what to do with Jorah.  Explaining out loud that she is unsure whether she can welcome him back, but she also can’t push him away again.  She decides to forgive him and welcomes him back.  But before there is a happy ending, Jorah confesses his love for her and then reveals his greyscale
  • Daenerys orders Jorah, as his queen, to find the cure


  • Tyrion understands that while his policies and Daenerys’s vision is a large piece to keeping the peace, he wants another voice that he believes will put them over the top, someone who can appease to the religious need of the people
  • Tyrion and Varys meet with a red priestess, Kinvara, who after speaking with them, offers her support to Daenerys

Beyond the Wall:

  • In a vision with the Three-eyed Raven, Bran learns that it was the Children of the Forest who created the White Walkers, so that they could be protected against the First Men
  • Later, Bran ventures off in his own vision, where he meets the Night’s King, who touches his arm.  Bran awakes and sees that the mark from the Night’s King is still on his arm.  The Three-eyed Raven informs them that the White Walkers now know where he is and they must leave
  • While attempting to leave, it’s discovered that the White Walkers are already there and they ambush the cave.  Among the chaos, the Three-eye Raven, the Children of the Forest, and Summer the direwolf are lost
  • Meera, Bran, and Hodor are left standing and flee to the end of the cave.  They are able to escape through a door, but The White Walkers have caught up and are right behind them. Meera commands Hodor to “hold the door” so that she can escape with Bran.  Bran, still in a vision, witnesses Hodor in the past collapse and seizing.  He continues to exclaim “hold the door”…..”hold the door”….which in turn ends up as “hodor”.  The White Walkers break through the door and Hodor sacrifices himself as Bran and Meera seemingly get away

My Thoughts:

Good lord, I can’t take this season much longer.  My brain can’t contemplate a television show that displays greatness every single week.  But here we are once again in Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and here we have another outstanding episode in “The Door”.

First and most important….Hodor.  While sometimes ideas or deaths come as a complete shock to the audience in Game of Thrones, we could tell over the build up of the season that we’d learn a little bit more about our favorite big guy.  But never did I think that we’d be privy to such an emotional reveal and goodbye.  Hodor was truly the man, till the very end.

Which brings us to an interesting topic….time travel:


So did Bran alter an already existing timeline?  Or were Bran’s actions that led to Hodor becoming Hodor the existing timeline all along?  I am certainly not going to get into this debate because quite frankly it’s impossible to come to a correct conclusion.  But all I am going to be thinking about is this:  If Bran can indeed alter timelines in his visions…..the sky’s the limit.

With Bran leaving, and Sansa and Jon Snow heading out, are we that much closer to another Stark family reunion?  Let’s hope so!

Seeing the origin of the White Walkers was also a nice touch in this episode.  It didn’t feel rushed, nor did I feel let down by the origin.  In many ways during the reveal, it brought me back to my Lost days where we finally learned about the origin and history of the famous Smoke Monster.  Both were created as a security system, and both have seemed to fly off the handle and do their own thing.

It seemed like Bran’s story line over the years has been the least interesting and compelling of all.  But in “The Door”, he’s front and center and it was awesome.  It seems we’ve closed “the door” (no pun intended…or was it?) on Bran’s training with the Three-eyed Raven, and opened a new one where Bran now knows of his abilities and as mentioned earlier….the possibilities might be endless.  Why am I talking about Bran again?  Well because I think we need to be patient with what I believe is now the least compelling story line of the show….Arya’s….errrrr….”a girl”.  As of now, we see her train…week in and week out.  But as we saw with Bran….I’m sure she’ll have her moment and I’m sure it will be amazing.

Your Thoughts:

Can Sansa trust Littlefinger’s information at all?


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