Game of Thrones Ep. 6: “Blood of My Blood”

Game of Thrones Episode 6: “Blood of My Blood”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 6: “Blood of My Blood”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

Beyond The Wall:

  • Bran and Meera continue to make their way through the forest, still being chased by the wights.  After awhile, Meera falls down due to lack of energy.  The wights catch up and are right to them when out of nowhere, a man on a horse saves them and carries them away from the wights
  • Later the man reveals himself to be Benjen Stark and explains that he was sent by the new Three-Eyed Raven, referring to Bran

Horn Hill:

  • Sam and Gilly arrive at Sam’s home.  While his mother and sister are welcoming, his father was expectedly cold, and even more so when he learns that Gilly is a Wildling
  • Sam’s father exclaims that Gilly and little Sam can stay, but that big Sam can never show his face at Horn Hill again.  Sam prepares to leave and says goodbye to Gilly and little Sam.  After say his goodbyes, he quickly returns back to Gilly and they all leave for the Citadel, but not before Same steals his father’s prize possession….a Valyrian steel sword


  • Arya attempts her test, but after speaking with Lady Crane, Arya realizes that she cannot do what Jaqen has asked and warns Lady Crane that her life is being threatened
  • The Waif witnesses this failure and reports it back to Jaqen, who orders the Waif to kill Arya
  • Arya retrieves Needle and takes it with her

King’s Landing:

  • Jaime and Margaery’s parents attempt to rescue her from the Faith militant.  But they learn that she has repented and her and Tommen have forged an alliance with the High Sparrow
  • Being opposed to his new faction, Tommen removes Jaime from the Kingsguard and orders him to the battle fields to assist Walder Frey

The Twins:

  • Walder Frey’s sons inform him that they’ve lost Riverrun to the Blackfish and insist that they do not have enough men to take it back
  • Frey insists otherwise and also presents a bargaining chip, Edmure Tully, who is still alive and is their hostage

Dothraki Sea:

  • Daenerys finds Drogon and rides him back to the Dothraki, where she gives a passionate speech and declares that they will cross the Narrow Sea and take Westeros

My Thoughts:

Benjen Stark…….


I have to say, I’m way too excited about this return in “Blood of My Blood”.  Good ole Uncle Benji, for all of his few episodes he’s actually in, I find to be one of my favorite characters.  I always felt that while Ned had the glory and the power, Benjen seemed to understand the world more, which is ultimately why Benji is still alive and Ned is not.  Now how long will Benji be around?  So far this season, we’ve been privy to some returning characters only to see them meet their end briefly afterwards.

Not gonna lie, I did not see what happened in King’s Landing coming.  As a character, I respect Margaery Tyrell more than most, and I thought for sure we’d see her hatch a plan at the meeting of the Faith Militant and Jaime Lannister and his soldiers.  While she did hatch a plan, it wasn’t the plan I was expecting or hoped for.  Now that she and Tommen have forged an alliance with the High Sparrow, everybody better run.  With this show, I probably get very little right with my predictions, but I do believe I deserve whatever the opposite is of the “shame bell” for discussing a few episodes back that Tommen’s conversations with the High Sparrow might backfire.  With that said, with the history of Margaery’s character, I’m not sure she’s finished playing puppet master, and I’m totally on the side of that Margaery is playing the long con against the High Sparrow.

Lastly for this week, if you haven’t had a chance, please check out After the Thrones.  In a nutshell, it’s The Talking Dead for Game of Thrones.  But these guys and their guests know their shit and they’re also pretty funny.  In this week’s episode, the hosts touched on an idea that really struck me as well towards the end of “Blood of My Blood”… Daenerys Targaryen the villain of our story?  According to the hosts, this has been a long time theory on places all across the interwebs.  But this week, with her passionate speech at the end of “Blood of My Blood”, she seemed more than ever to be turning to the dark side in my eyes.  I truly don’t believe I’ve ever viewed her in such a manner until those final moments.

Your Thoughts:

Is Daenerys Targaryen our story’s ultimate villain?


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