Game of Thrones Ep. 7: “The Broken Man”

Game of Thrones Episode 7: “The Broken Man”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 7: “The Broken Man”


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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:

King’s Landing:

  • Olenna Tyrell meets with Margaery for one last plea to come back to sanity.  Margaery explains that this is the right thing to do.  As they say goodbye, Margaery slips a piece of paper to Olenna, which is revealed to be a drawing of a rose
  • Cersei meets with Olenna to try and get her to stay in King’s Landing after hearing that she is returning to Highgarden.  Unfortunely Cersei’s past with Olenna is too much to overcome and she still plans on leaving
  • The High Sparrow meets Margaery and explains how important her role is to keep Tommen happy

The North:

  • Jon, Sansa, and Davos successfully recruit the Wildlings and House Mormont to their cause.  But even with those wins, their army is still too small to go up against Ramsay
  • Sansa writes a letter, which we believe is for help, but we are not shown who this letter is written to


  • Jaime and Bronn arrive at Riverrun and exclaim that they are in charge now
  • Jaime goes to meet with the Blackfish in hopes of him surrendering.  This is unsuccessful and the Blackfish states that he will die in this castle, along with his men


  • Theon, Yara, and the rest of their men enjoy a final evening before sailing off in hopes of finding Daenerys.  Theon receives a pep talk from Yara, which seems to have worked


  • Arya buys passage to Westeros.  But before she can leave, she is attacked by the Waif, who stabs her multiple times.  Arya is able to escape but is not in good condition


  • It is revealed to us that The Hound survived his fight with Brienne.  We learn that he was saved by a Septon, named Brother Ray, and is now working with him and his followers
  • A group of men, from the Brotherhood without Banners, first threaten the group and then eventually kill all of them, with the exception of The Hound, who is off gathering wood.  After finding all the people, The Hound picks up his axe and leaves the settlement

My Thoughts:

“The Broken Man” gave us another week to catch our breaths, combined with “My Blood of My Blood” from last week.  This season has been fast and furious and the last two episode gave us a healthy dose of character development and setting the stage for either the end of the season, or the series.

While we all need a little bit that, “The Broken Man” gave me this feeling of possible disappointment as well with how this season might end.  There has been build up and build up, but with the past two episodes, Season 6 seems to be trending in the direction of planning for the future.  After “The Broken Man” I’m not sure I can say that any of these story lines are coming to a head and that the finale will provide us with epic conclusions.  We’ve slipped our VHS tapes in the rewinder so to speak with the Faith Militant story, Arya’s purpose, Bran’s training, Jon/Sansa’s mission, and Daenery’s destiny.  A lot can still happen in three episodes though, so I’m just going to still sit back and watch this great show with pleasure.  Now after talking in the broader scale of the season, here are some thoughts from this episode.

Did anyone else feel like Yara was completely out of character in Volantis?  I mean she’s been nothing but business from the moment we’ve met her, and she’s partying with hookers?  Her rightful place was just stolen from her and she acts as if all of this was part of the plan.  I just thought it felt out of place with who we’ve gotten to know.

Listen, I know that Arya is still a child, but after everything she’s been through, training for, and training with, she’s really not going to be suspicious of every single person around her?  I mean you literally just trained with two people who want you dead and who have the ability to take on the face of any person in the world basically, and you fall for the nice old lady trick?  Come on man!

As I mentioned what might have happen last week, Margaery is not done playing puppet master.  She’s either playing the long con with the High Sparrow, or she’s truly changed and is somehow setting up her own family.  Let’s hope for the former.

It’s great to see The Hound back again.   I find him to be one of the most intriguing characters in the whole series and I’ve missed what he brings to the show.  What will be interesting is where he goes now.  There are multiple options and people on his things-to-do list.

Your Thoughts:

Where is The Hound heading?


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