Game of Thrones Ep. 8: “No One”

Game of Thrones Episode 8: “No One”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 8: “No One”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

King’s Landing:

  • Lancel and the Faith Militant visit Cersei and tell her that the High Sparrow, now called the High Septon, requests her presence.  Cersei refuses to go to him, and explains that he can come see her.  The Faith Miltant threaten with violence, but soon learn that that is a mistake with the Mountain by her side
  • Tommen calls a royal announcement where he declares that Loras and Cersei’s trials have been set and that after much praying, declares that “trial by combat” is no longer a  proper way of resolving conflicts
  • Before they leave the meeting, Cersei asks Qyburn about the rumor he was supposed to investigate, and he replies that it is “more, much more”


  • Brienne arrives at Riverrun where she is reunited with Jaime.  She explains her mission, the two share pleasantries, and Brienne heads to the castle to meet with the Blackfish in order to recruit him and his men to Sansa’s army…she is unsuccessful
  • Jaime meets with Edmure and after a discussion of their lives, Jaime threatens to kill Edmure’s son unless he orders his men to stand down and surrender.  Edmure obliges and his men surrender to Jaime.  The Blackfish helps Brienne and Pod escape, but chooses to stay behind and fight to the death, he does so and is apparently killed
  • As Brienne and Pod continue down the river in their boat, Jaime sees them and Brienne also sees Jaime.  The two waive goodbye, with Jaime allowing her to escape


  • Tyrion says goodbye to Varys, who is leaving on a secret mission
  • Meereen is attacked by the slaving cities with a naval assault.  As Tyrion, Missandei, and Grey Worm attempt to think of their next move, Daenerys returns


  • The Hound kills some of the outlaws that murdered his new friends last week, but not all are there
  • The Hound comes upon the rest, who are about to be hung by Ser Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr.  The two allow the Hound the opportunity to kill two of the three.  Afterwards, the men sit down and discuss the future and the past


  • Lady Crane finds a stabbed Arya hiding in her….”trailer”.  Lady Crane takes her in and heals her wounds
  • Arya awakens the next day to find that Lady Crane has been murdered by the Waif, and is now coming for Arya.  The Waif chases Arya through the streets, where Arya eventually leads the Waif back to her temporary quarters.  Arya grabs needle and slices a nearby candle, causing the room to go completely dark
  • Jaqen finds blood scattered around the House of Black and White and follows the trail to where he finds the face of the Waif hanging up.  Arya appears and declares that she isn’t “No One”, she is Arya Stark and then leaves

My Thoughts:

As we learned at the end of this week’s episode, Arya isn’t “No One”, but actually is Arya Stark.  Oh this story line.  I have always liked the Jaqen character, and figured that any more time with him would be great.  But since the very first moment Arya arrived in Braavos, this whole story line has seemed like a waste of time.  I mean, in my opinion, the most proud Stark out of all of them, Arya, ends up understanding that she is a Stark and will now go and defend her family’s name?  I would understand if Sansa went through something like this and then had this moment of clarity, but Arya?  Nahhh no way.

Also, I really didn’t understand Jaqen’s reaction to Arya basically failing at being “No One”.  I mean, he seemed amused by her defeating the Waif (who wouldn’t since she’s kind of a buzzkill), but he really should be a little more upset than just amused.  Funny thing was that it seemed like Jaqen’s facial expressions were that of “yup, that was my plan all along”….Jaqen basically be like:


I have to say, it might be impossible to hate Jaime Lannister.  He’s done some awful things, but I always find myself forgetting about all those bad, horrible, unforgivable things and just loving every time the guy is on screen.  Also, his reunion with Brienne was awesome and overdue.

So that last conversation with Cersei and Qyburn regarding that rumor in “No One”.  As always with this show, I was thinking, “Shit did I completely miss something from a past episode????”….but fear not!  I have confirmed that this is the first time that the audience has learned of Qyburn’s rumor investigating.  Moving on….what is this rumor?  Could really be anything with Cersei involved, but my prediction is this in one word: wildfire.  Cersei has brought up wildfire in the past multiple times and with Bran’s recent vision of the Mad King, it might have been a glimpse into what’s to come in the future.

If this is the case and Cersei’s plan is to use wildfire to burn King’s Landing to the ground, then her expression when hearing that “trial by combat” has been discontinued might have been more than just a look of defeat.  If she truly has no other choice than to burn the city to the ground, that could mean that Tommen’s time might be coming to an end.  For as awful as Cersei is, we know that she loves her children.  We also know that she has a prophecy that all of her children will die before her (I might be a little inaccurate with that, but mostly that’s it).  Maybe after Myrcella’s death, it has finally hit her that she has can do nothing about it and that Tommen is now destined to die.

So we have the “Battle of the Bastards” apparently next week, yet our build up has been less than stellar in my opinion.  People have wanted Ramsay to die for what seems like forever, and this battle might allow us to finally have that feeling of euphoria.  But for me, this is like having the Super Bowl, and then not having ESPN cover it the 2 weeks before it happens.  I just really wanted some better build up and tension before this great battle.  But enough complaining, I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Your Thoughts:

What do you think the “rumor” is?


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