Game of Thrones Ep. 9: “Battle of the Bastards”

Game of Thrones Episode 9: “Battle of the Bastards”

A recap and review of Game of Thrones Episode 9: “Battle of the Bastards”


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Sullywood Rating: 10/10

What We Learned:


  • Daenerys, Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei meet with the slave masters to negotiate terms of surrender.  The slave masters first believe that they are surrendering to them, but Daenerys makes it clear that the slave masters are the ones who will be surrendering.  She gets on Drogon, and Rhaegal and Viserion escape the tomb and fly with them.  Together, they burn the slaver’s fleet.  Grey Worm kills two of the masters and tells the third to tell everyone what he saw today
  • Later, Theon and Yara meet with Daenerys and Tyrion and after a brief discussion, agree to an alliance


  • Jon and Sansa meet with Ramsay and his men before the battle.  Ramsay orders them to surrender, but they basically say “nah” and Sansa tells Ramsay that he will be dying tomorrow
  • The next morning, the battle begins, but not before one last Ramsay game.  Ramsay brings out Rickon and cuts him loose.  He then tells Rickon that he wants to play a game and that he can run to Jon on the other side.  Understandably apprehensive at first, Rikcon takes off towards Jon and the Stark army.  Ramsay then takes out a bow and begins to fire arrows at Rickon.  Upon seeing this, Jon takes off riding towards Rickon and reaches him, but only a few seconds too late as Rickon is finally struck by one of Ramsay’s arrows and dies
  • The real battle begins and it’s ugly.  As Jon and his army knew, they are outnumbered and it becomes clear that all hope seems to be lost as they begin to lose the battle.  Just as the worst is about to happen, the Knights of the Vale come to the rescue and ward off the Bolton army
  • Ramsay, seeing that he has lost, flees inside the walls of Winterfell with Jon, Wun Wun, and Tormund chasing after him.  Ramsay readies his men and bolts the doors shut.  The doors though are no match for Wun Wun who crashes through them, while taking a crap ton of arrows to his body.  The Stark army floods Winterfell and take out the remaining members of the Bolton army.  Wun Wun, who has sustained more wounds than even he can take, is then technically put out of his misery by Ramsay himself
  • Ramsay appears and takes up Jon’s offer from yesterday for a 1 on 1 battle.  He takes out his bow and begins firing arrows at Jon, who dodges them as they come.  Jon eventually makes his way to Ramsay and begins beating him to death.  While brutally beating Ramsay, Jon sees Sansa appear and he stops, leaving Ramsay alive
  • Ramsay is taken prisoner and is visited by Sansa.  Sansa informs Ramsay that he is nothing and his family name is dead.  Ramsay’s hounds appear, who haven’t been fed in almost a week.  Ramsay scoffs at the idea that they will attack him, but they eventually do, killing Ramsay as Sansa watches on

My Thoughts:

I knew this episode would be good, but I didn’t think it would be THAT good.  With this show, you would think after 6 seasons you’d say, a battle is a battle, if you seen them once, you’ve seen them all.  But the “Battle of the Bastards” was unlike any battle we’ve seen before and you could tell that the show runners did their homework leading up to writing this episode.  I never thought this day would come, but FINALLY, Ramsay is dead!  Man, was he creepy and psychopathic down to the last second of breath.  Although I’ve been waiting for this day to come, I’ll miss having a truly great villain for my weekly viewings of this show.  His death was done perfectly by the show, couldn’t have thought of a better ending myself.

I mentioned this last week, but I really do wish there was more Ramsay leading up to “Battle of the Bastards”.  I believe he hadn’t been in an episode the prior 2 weeks at least.  I think a few scenes in the weeks prior would have made this even better, which I’m not sure if it’s possible.

Even though we didn’t get any chances to grow our hatred even more for Ramsay the past two weeks, the beginning of “Battle of the Bastards” gave us enough to remember why we hate that particular “bastard” so much.  Poor Rickon, like Sansa said, he didn’t have a chance.  Well maybe you would’ve had a chance Rickon, if you ran in a zig-zag and not straight on!!!!!!!!!  Come on man!

Speaking of Sansa.  It’s incredible to see her now and then compare her to the girl who just wanted to marry a prince.  Now she seems destined to take Winterfell to new heights and hopefully protect it.  She seems to have learned from her father’s mistakes in the past and is taking nobody’s evil for granted.

While the “Battle of the Bastards” took center stage in this episode, it’s amazing that the show was able to fit in all of those other important happenings over in Meereen.  When Daenerys and Tyrion met with Theon and Yara, Daenerys brings up an interesting point.  All of their fathers left this world worse than when they arrived.  Clearly the “girl power” was in the room in this scene and it’s an interesting parallel to the history of our own world.  Change happens and this group is looking to make it happen.  In a world where men had always dominated, there now is the possibility that Daenerys, Yara, and Sansa will be in control of some of the most powerful armies in their world.

Your Thoughts:

What’s next for Winterfell?


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