Quantico Episode 10: “Quantico”

Quantico Episode 10: “Quantico”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 10: “Quantico”


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Sullywood Rating: 6.5/10

What We Learned:


  • The recruits do hand to hand combat battles.  Shelby knows that Caleb isn’t giving his all, because he pins her with much more force in the….I’ll just say it….bedroom
  • Caleb wants time from his father to figure out the secret about Shelby’s sister
  • Simon is being “hazed” by his fellow recruits over the Langdon situation
  • Alex approaches Natalie regarding her scar, which she saw peeling off in the combat training
  • Ryan is leaving, but not leaving?  Flight is booked though
  • This week’s assignment? The recruits are tasked with going through files for new recruits and choosing which ones get a final interview….what an absolutely awful idea
  • Nimah approaches a recruit from the last round, Danny, and probes him about Simon
  • O’Connor announces that an emergency session of the review board has been called
  • The review board begins.  Natalie Vasquez is called.  They call her out on that scar (which is clearly the most evil and suspicious thing ever).  We learn Natalie’s scar is a ploy to get a judge to give her full custody for her daughter against her deadbeat baby daddy.
  • Nimah decides to substitute teach and call out Simon to the class…and without restraint calls him a war criminal
  • Simon explains himself.  He was a translator who was tasked with luring the wives of suspects and then they were tortured for information.
  • Booth stands up for Natalie and Simon, and tells everyone his secret.
  • Shaw returns to the classroom and gives the verdict for Natalie….not guilty of fake scaring…she stays in the program
  • Send off time for Booth, Alex and Booth struggle to say goodbye, but they at least promise to like each other’s posts on social media….awwwww
  • Shaw meets with Simon and informs him he’s out of the program due to his assault on Booth earlier
  • Caleb Skypes Shelby’s sister and tells her he knows her scam, and that he wants 10%.  Her sister agrees and we see Shelby sitting with Caleb, witnessing the whole thing, trap successful…sucks for Shelby though
  • Simon leaves the academy


  • Alex is escorted out of the courthouse by O’Connor.  Her fellow recruits are freed and O’Connor gives Alex the keys to the handcuffs.  She returns to her “friends” and their plan is to go through all of the recruits and catch the terrorist.
  • The team gets surveillance going on all of their fellow recruits.  Miranda approaches Alex and tells her to monitor her team of “friends” as well
  • All of Alex’s “friends” begin doing several suspicious things that we see on surveillance.  Alex specifically points out that the man they see Simon meeting, makes bombs
  • After Simon’s discussion with his bomb friend, the team makes the decision to grab both of them. They elude the FBI
  • The group walks in and finds out about the surveillance, they are less than thrilled.  After some bickering, Simon walks and says he was the one who planned Grand Central….well this just got interesting
  • Or he didn’t?  We learn that Simon planned for two bombs, but for a political purpose….and it was not in the plan for them to go off.  He states that someone at Quantico must have stolen his plans and rigged them to explode.
  • Simon goes off on Alex, stating that time after time, he’s shown her loyalty, and now he’s probably going to be arrested for treason.  The mob mentality kicks in, and Alex’s “team” walks out in disapproval of her little surveillance shenanigans
  • Alex meets with Simon, and wants his help to catch the terrorist.  Simon says no, and they can’t just go back to being what they were at Quantico. (Which was what exactly? I didn’t think they had some special friendship)
  • Simon goes up to his front door after Alex leaves, when all of a sudden a man grabs him and chloroforms him…its ELIAS!

My Top Suspects:

ryan booth

Ryan Booth

The man is quietly in the background this whole episode.  Ohhhh but he was in a hospital bed?  That’s what they want you to think.  Still calling it, next episode this man will be revealed as our terrorist in some form.

Nimah Amin


Was I the only one that thought the stronger of our dynamic duo seemed a tad suspicious throughout this episode?  She seemed on edge the whole time, and had a real interest in what Raina was doing.  She also walked in on the surveillance and instead of questioning Alex, O’Connor, and Miranda then, she waits and spreads the seed of deceit into the whole team.  Back in the Quantico days, she also stopped at nothing to get Alex’s smart companion Simon kicked out of the academy.  She also had some creepy looks going on (yeah not the most insightful of comments, but hey, they were there)

elias harper

Elias Harper

Elias having two strong weeks in a row, last week eluding suspicion, and this week kicking innocence square in the….face…with his little stunt at the end.  Now, its very possible that this might move him right off of my list, because if I know who dunnits, the more suspicious you look, the less guilty you are.  Elias might have booked a one way ticket to non-terroristville…I hear its nice this time of year though.  Oh yes thats right, back to Elias.  I think eventually it will come out that he saved Simon from something or someone else, but for now, we’ll keep him on the list due to his chloroforming ways.

My Thoughts:

Well, only one more week to go until we are supposed to “find out” who the terrorist is from the academy recruits.  I really hope the show doesn’t screw this up and make it overly complicated….just like a certain Simon subplot from this week.  I thought the Simon confessing to planning Grand Central, and then coming out and saying he didn’t plan the bomb was such a terrible bait and switch by the show.  At least the show didn’t end this episode with that rubbish from Simon.

I was somewhat disappointed with this episode since it was leading up to the supposed big reveal next week. (Notice how I keep using the word “supposed”, yeah I don’t trust TV or advertising)  We are still learning new things about the recruits, like why does Natalie have a fake scar? Or how about Shelby’s sister being fake? We should be all in on the terrorist story line at this juncture, not still learning tiny secrets about the recruits.  Like I said last week, leave the extra crap out for now, and give us more suspense.  Also, if not too much to ask, tell us who the terrorist is! Or else I unleash this guy on you writers:


Your Thoughts:

Who is your top suspect and why?


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