Quantico Episode 11: “Inside”

Quantico Episode 11: “Inside”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 11: “Inside”


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Sullywood Rating: 5/10

What We Learned:


  • It’s Christmas time at the academy and that calls for a toast…no literally the recruits are handed beer before class
  • Still no further information on Charlie’s whereabouts
  • The recruits are given “cold cases”, cases that were not solved and the class members must come up with a new lead
  • Turns out, none of the women have plans for Christmas, and they all stay at Quantico.  Natalie suggests a liquor run, Alex suggest they solve all of those cases……I’d rather hang out with Natalie
  • Caleb arrives at the girls’ slumber party, and he wants Shelby to accompany him to a New Year’s party.  She’ll only go if the rest of the girls can come too
  • Alex meets Hannah Wyland, a terrorism agent
  • We also meet Claire Haas, Caleb’s mother, for the first time
  • Clayton tells Caleb that him and his mother want to give their marriage another shot
  • Alex calls Booth and hears his phone going off at the party, we see him with Wyland, his ex-wife
  • Shaw goes home and finds Charlie on her doorstep, he’s alive, but badly beaten
  • We see Caleb scouting out a location for safety deposit boxes, same location as where the current FBI command center is


  • O’Connor and Shaw let Alex know that if they don’t find the 2nd bomb, they will have to keep up appearances and she’ll be serving a life sentence. (Yeah that seems fair)
  • Elias shows up at the command center and tells O’Connor and Shaw that he was almost pushed into oncoming traffic.  The only tail not present is Simon; the team is going to his house. Elias walks away with those creep eyes going hard.
  • After visiting Simon’s house and finding a lot of suspicious bomb plans, they have a lead to where Simon might be.  The group finds Simon in a hotel room, with a bomb strapped to his hand.
  • Simon pleads his case to the group; Elias does his best to continue accusing Simon.  Simon threatens to push the button on the bomb unless Elias comes clean
  • Elias explains that he was being blackmailed and that he’s been helping with the bombs
  • The 2nd bomb is found.  It’s in the building with the team in it, as well as the location of the Democratic convention.  Elias can’t handle what he’s done and jumps out the window to his death
  • The bomb squad is trying their best to diffuse the bomb.  Luckily they are successful.  Alex tells Simon that he can let go of the trigger, he does so, and another bomb goes off.
  • The group turns the corner to see where the bomb went off and discover it was at the FBI command center

My Top Suspects:

Suspended until we find out if Elias was indeed the terrorist this show was leading on about.

My Thoughts:

So Elias is our terrorist?  Or is he the accomplice?  And was he an accomplice to Caleb?  I’m not really sure what to believe after tonight’s episode, “Inside”.  The show has been selling this idea of a terrorist that was in our class at Quantico with everyone’s favorite recruits all year long.  Week after week they teased it, gave us more clues, and provided us with exciting cliffhangers.  But the episode where we were finally supposed to find out the identity of our terrorist, seems to have left us with more questions than answers.

As a whole, I thought this episode did a poor job of riding the momentum of the whole season and as Quantico markets “the biggest secret on television”, aka finding out who the traitor terrorist is.  Is it me or did this week’s episode seem to focus more on the personal stuff and relationships more than any other episode to date?  Really this episode should’ve been about 80/20 present material and it felt like 70/30 Quantico/Past material.  Way too much time spent on Caleb’s parents.  We should have had some of the best moments and exhilarating scenes of the season, but overall, this felt like a standard filler episode for the holidays.

Quantico missed on the most important episode to date.  Let’s hope they don’t miss on the 2nd half of the season, which returns in March.

Your Thoughts:

Did you like “Inside”?  Was Elias suppose to be our terrorist?  Or is Caleb secretly the man to watch out for?


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