Quantico Episode 6: “God”

Quantico Episode 6: “God”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 6: “God”


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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:


  • Shelby/Caleb and Alex/Ryan continue to take their relationships to the next level
  • The recruits are informed about D2, a surveillance system that monitors web traffic
  • Surveillance is the assignment for the week
  • O’Connor volunteers to spend some time with Shaw’s son, he wants no part of it
  • The recruits are tasked with doing surveillance on Miranda Shaw
  • Alex gets seen by O’Connor. O’Connor questions what Alex is doing and blows his cover to Alex
  • Simon reveals to Nimah that he’s not gay and Nimah reveals to Simon her….hair
  • Shaw tracks her son down at his school and we learn that she burned the list of names he wanted to shoot
  • Booth explains his mission to Alex and they are dunzo
  • O’Connor explains to Alex that he assigned Booth to monitor her due to her father’s past, he said the assignment has been over for awhile now
  • Alex switches rooms with Natalie
  • Simon walks in on the Nimahs and he freaks out and is locked in a closet


  • Shelby is on team Alex
  • Natalie and Ryan are in a relationship
  • Ryan informs Alex that D2 is being utilized to find her and that the man heading up the operation is Caleb
  • We learn that Caleb is Deputy Director Clayton’s son; their relationship is a tad icy
  • Simon and Alex plan to monitor Caleb’s computer in order to get evidence to clear her name
  • The bug works, Alex can see everything Caleb is seeing
  • While monitoring Caleb, Shelby and Alex see that he’s deleting evidence
  • The deleted video is of Caleb and his Dad arguing
  • Caleb facial recognition scans his father’s face and Alex and Shelby see a video of Shelby and Caleb’s Dad kissing, Shelby explains that they developed a relationship when she was stationed in NYC
  • Natalie discovers that the “O’Connor” contact in Ryan’s phone is not really O’Connor and informs him that she thinks he’s contacting Alex

My Top Suspects:

ryan booth

  1. Ryan Booth

My #1 suspect since day one.  Why?  Because besides Alex, he seems like the least likely.  Unlike some of the other Quantico recruits, Ryan never seems suspicious or is shown being anything but reliable to Alex and the other recruits.  I just keep thinking that its too good of a twist to not happen.

liam oconnor

  1. Liam O’Connor

O’Connor’s character is all over the place.  At times he’s a teacher and a friend, but other times he seems to have his own agenda and really doesn’t seem to like Ryan.  His opinion and treatment of Alex in the present seems to be night and day with how he treats her at Quantico.  Now granted, I know that she’s been accused of being a terrorist and all, but this doesn’t seem to be the same man we see in our flashbacks to Quantico.  In the spirit of Halloween a few days ago, maybe Liam and Ryan pull a Scream and are our 2, yes 2 terrorists.  Hey, it could happen.

miranda shaw

  1. Miranda Shaw

Miranda is just plain odd.  She’s in charge of training our future FBI agents, yet does some pretty shady things at times.  She’s obsessed with her son and what he “did’, yet none of that seems out love, more out of anxiety than anything else.  Also, like Ryan, she helped Alex out from the beginning, and betrayal has to happen at some point when the big reveal happens.

My Thoughts:

Biggest thing we learned this week in “God” is that Caleb’s father is in fact Darth Vader….I mean Deputy Director Clayton.  Nothing we learned from this or from Shelby’s affair with Clayton lead me to believe that Caleb is our terrorist.  He seems like the stereotypical kid who wants to get back at his father and nothing else.

What I love about this show is that while it has the romance and silly soap opera type relationships, they don’t rule the overall tone and story of the show.  Quantico keeps giving us bits and bits of information while not showing its hand.  What’s important for a show like this is to keep its audience engaged.  While we seem to exonerate a different recruit with each episode, “God” not excluded, we learn new things each week that lead us to come back to each person with a raised eyebrow.

“God” didn’t have the suspense of last week’s, but it did a strong job showing us how our characters relationships have grown at their time at Quantico.  With that said, this episode did have some gasp-worthy moments such as finding out about Shelby and Clayton and Simon walking in on the twins.  I will say this, I’m not buying that the twins are the terrorists.  Their scenes together have shown us that they are not a strong team at the moment and don’t seem to be on the same page.  Although I could see it being possible that only one of them is a terrorist, but for now, the motive doesn’t seem to be there.


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