Quantico Episode 7: “Go”

Quantico Episode 7: “Go”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 7: “Go”


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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:


  • Is it me or are they showing Brandon quite a bit?
  • The recruits are doing a physical exam this week, if they don’t improve from their first week, they are out, and nobody fails out
  • Miranda lets Simon out of the closet and he threatens to tell the twin’s secret, Miranda has other plans
  • Caleb’s father bribes him to fail his exam
  • The group gets tested by receiving pieces of blank paper.  They defer that there are 61 of them and 60 pieces. It’s discovered that Brandon didn’t receive it and he believes this is the FBI’s way of telling him he’s out and he leaves.  When he leaves, the doors lock and the AC is turned off.
  • After interrogating Vasquez about Brandon, its discovered that he’s been acting strange lately, they view some surveillance tapes and they see Brandon planting something in the room, they put 2 and 2 together and find a bomb
  • Simon disarms the bomb briefly.  One recruit opens the door and it restarts the bomb.  Some recruits stay in the room, others leave, including Elias
  • The group meets Brandon outside, as believed, he was in on it, and he mentions that everyone that ran out of the room, is out.  With that, we see Elias packing and Simon says his goodbyes
  • Alex meets with O’Connor and says she’ll stop digging into her father if Booth gets his job back
  • Shelby finds out that the analysts graduate early.  She confronts Caleb and he lets her know that the FBI has made him an agent trainee again.
  • O’Connor meets Booth and reinstates him, Booth wants time to think about it
  • Nimah and Raina meet their classmates as twins for the first time


  • O’Connor and Vasquez know that Booth is working with Alex, but they’d rather follow him
  • Alex and Simon pay a visit to Raina.  She tells them they saw Nimah “She must still be alive”….say what?!?!?!
  • The twins infiltrated a terrorist organization that is intent on targeting US landmarks, Nimah hasn’t been heard from
  • Vasquez confronts Alex and Shelby, she gives them 1 hour
  • Raina discovers Nimah in the terrorist house
  • Simon and Alex probe Nimah for questions, she got close to the leader of the terrorist organization, mentions he trusts her, but that their attack hadn’t happened yet.
  • Nimah plans to switch back with Raina when the FBI bursts in our team across the street.  The terrorist group sees the FBI and a shootout takes place, Booth gets hit
  • Vasquez runs into Alex and Booth in the alley, Alex pleads with Vasquez to let her and Booth go to get medical help, Vasquez reluctantly does so

My Top Suspects:

ryan booth

  1. Ryan Booth

My #1 suspect since day one.  Why?  Because besides Alex, he seems like the least likely.  Unlike some of the other Quantico recruits, Ryan never seems suspicious or is shown being anything but reliable to Alex and the other recruits.  I just keep thinking that its too good of a twist to not happen.

liam oconnor

  1. Liam O’Connor

O’Connor never seems to have anyone’s best interest in mind.  His own agenda seems to be at the forefront of every episode.  This makes him more of a suspect in my eyes then Miranda Shaw.  His willingness to re-instate Booth was a little rushed as well, perhaps he’s hiding something more than just his past with Alex’s father?


  1. Simon Asher

Simon might be staying on this list for a while. His secrets got out way early, but those secrets are also only known mostly to Elias, who is gone now.  He seems to know quite a bit more than the rest of the recruits, even Booth.  Such as disarming a bomb and knowledge of past Russian spy practices.  You like him almost too much.

My Thoughts:

Another fast paced, heart racing episode with “Go”.  Quantico does a great job of not taking itself too seriously, but also providing some great television.  This week was no exception.  We gained another ally for Alex, the twins.  Even though Quantico can be quite ridiculous and far fetched at times, especially the training exams, I’ve never felt disappointed after watching any of their episodes so far.  Keep it up Quantico.

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