Quantico Episode 8: “Over”

Quantico Episode 8: “Over”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 8: “Over”


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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:


  • Nimah becomes Alex’s new roommate
  • Booth returns to Quantico
  • Different cases are given to each recruit….or are they different?  We learn the assignments are related and the group takes a trip to FBI headquarters
  • Alex and Ryan look at old files about Alex’s parents, they take one of the files
  • Shelby’s secret about transferring the large sum of money is revealed, she’s been sending the money to her half sister in Saudi Arabia, Caleb turned her in and is now in the doghouse
  • During this week’s test, Alex gets the file taken from her and Liam finds out, she confronts Liam and we find out that Liam and Alex’s father had a failed mission to stop a bombing in Omaha
  • Caleb tries to speak to Shelby but she isn’t having it, he explains that he has trust issues and that it was because he was a part of a cult….oh okay
  • Alex goes to Shaw’s residence to talk to her about what Liam said, while talking a phone call comes in and Shaw answers it, we hear a window break upstairs, Alex goes to investigate and Shaw is bloodied on the ground, Shaw whispers “Charlie”


  • Shelby, Simon, and Nimah are brought into Director Clayton
  • Alex removes the bullet from Booth’s body
  • Someone hacks into the FBI’s computers and releases all of the information from the Grand Central Station bombing.  We learn it was Alex’s pals…The Unknown
  • Clayton wants Caleb to scrub his e-mail and Shelby’s in order to hide the affair, Caleb reluctantly agrees
  • Alex learns that her credit card was used to purchase materials for a bomb that wasn’t used for the bomb in Grand Central
  • Caleb finds that someone other than Alex, used her badge to gain access to files, Director Clayton brushes this off
  • The Unknown want Alex to leave the country with them, she refuses
  • Booth and Alex, with The Unknown, reach their mission point where a helicopter awaits. Booth gets in, but Alex stays back
  • Alex turns herself in and tells the FBI about the 2nd bomb

My Top Suspects:

ryan booth

  1. Ryan Booth

He still hasn’t done anything suspicious, so just like a scary movie rule, he’s the most suspicious.  Although in “Over” we saw him gain back his title from O’Connor, and yet he still decided to return to training.  Could it be love? Maybe. Could it be he needs more time to frame Alex?  Dun Dun Dun!

liam oconnor

  1. Liam O’Connor

We found a big secret this week, that O’Connor and Alex’s father botched a mission that caused a bombing in Omaha.  Although not the craziest bombshell, its a piece of evidence to keep an eye on.  I personally didn’t think that hearing this was a huge deal, perhaps O’Connor is really hiding something bigger and the bombing in Omaha is just a red herring.


  1. Simon Asher

Well if not looking suspicious is how you get on this list, I might have to revise next week as far as Simon goes.  We saw at the end of the episode, Simon take a phone call from a man that appeared to be building a bomb.  Simon mentioned that it might have been a mistake for him to go to Quantico, that he can’t help anybody there.  Help?  That sounds nice.  Not so fast Simon, you’re still on this list because you just seem to have too many secrets.

My Thoughts:

Things just got interesting with Alex turning herself in to the FBI.  It appears from the preview for next week’s episode that we are in for some torturing and mind games from our dear friends at the FBI.  Will they break Alex?  We saw in that clip that Ryan somehow ends up in their hands, are The Unknown not trustworthy?  Did something happen to them?

I have to admit, writing this wee’s “What We Learned” was exhausting.  So much happens in this show, in both the past and the present, its definitely hard to keep track.  It was interesting to see the twins out and about as themselves in “Over”.  I thought Nimah seemed like a completely different person, and she also has a level 5 clinger, oh hey Simon.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode, no more on the run, and every conversation should be very entertaining to watch.

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think is the terrorist inside of Quantico?  Let’s discuss.


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