Quantico Episode 12: “Alex”

Quantico Episode 12: “Alex”

A recap and review of Quantico Ep. 12: “Alex”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:


  • 2nd half of training has begun; the women make a pact to stay away from men this semester:

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  • This week’s assignment: Take on the class before them, who have one month’s head start as far as training goes
  • The classes do battle.  While the older class knows everything about the current recruits, the current recruits know nothing about the older class.  Alex and company figure out a way to research their opponents
  • Alex of course is paired up against an attractive, cocky gentleman
  • After a montage of war games, the classes are tied; a final drill is done to determine the winner
  • The older class gets the better of Alex’s class by pulling a Dark Knight Joker type plan and disguising hostages as terrorists……

clever girl

  • Shockingly none of our main cast was a part of the cuts made, due to losing the challenge.  We do learn though that Shaw and O’Connor decide to cut 2 from the older class instead of 5 from the newer class, further building a divide between the 2 classes
  • Shaw explains to the classes why this happened, and then states that the classes will be merging into one
  • Throughout the episode, different people tried to get names out of Charlie, Shaw’s son, of who might have kidnapped him.  Many failed, until Raina comes through for once and Charlie divulges the following names to her: Anthony, Noah, Jay, and Derrick
  • Shelby and Caleb plan to meet Samar, her fake sister.  A man comes instead, who claims to be Samar’s husband.  He explains that Samar has been kidnapped
  • Raina lies to Nimah about getting names from Charlie


  • Alex begins testifying on what happened with Elias and the bombing of the command center, and explains her opinion that Elias wasn’t acting on his own
  • We learn from a newscast that Caleb’s father was 1 of 32 FBI agents that were killed in the bombing
  • While some believe that there is a mastermind terrorist, most believe Elias acted alone
  • A man is on top of a bridge, police officers try to get him down.  He wants assurance that they’ll tell Alex what he’s told them….he then jumps
  • Simon testifies now….his view is that Elias acted alone
  • Shelby ain’t happy with Alex, she believes Alex is to blame for the secret getting out about her and Caleb’s Dad….also it appears Shelby finally went to a good hair stylist

oh snap

  • A police officer approaches Alex and assumes she knows that Duncan Howell took his own life.  She hadn’t, and the officer delivers Duncan’s message to her…..“I thought I didn’t have a choice”
  • O’Connor and Shaw testify now….they too believe Elias acted alone
  • Booth and Alex see each other for the first time in months.  He brings up the man Alex hooked up with earlier in the episode where she also stole a key fob from him.  Ryan tells her that Duncan was going to go to jail and that’s why he killed himself
  • Alex goes before the panel once more, this time changing her stance on Elias.  Shelby, Booth, and Simon aren’t happy with Alex because she obviously lied under oath
  • Natalie informs Alex that she’s been reinstated for work
  • Alex receives hate phone calls for going back on her stance on Elias.  She receives one more phone call in the episode, the voice is scrambled and the person says that they are the one she’s been looking for and she was right all along.  They tell her to come to an address and to come alone
  • Alex goes to the address and receives another phone call.  The person explains that Alex wasn’t a terrorist before, but now she’ll be one, as this is happening a person approaches, it’s Natalie with a bomb strapped to her

Instead of going through my usual list of top suspects, let’s review the 3 recruits from the other class we were introduced to this week:

Drew Perale

Drew Perale

We know that Drew was drafted into the NFL, got injured, and tried to sue them.  He also is intrigued by Alex, but not obnoxious about it.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he’s a potential suitor for Alex and a perfect opportunity for this show to create a love triangle.

Iris Chang

Iris Chang

Iris already loves to push Shelby’s buttons and seems like a formidable foe.  As we saw at the end of this episode, she might be attracted to Caleb, or at the very least attracted to pissing Shelby off.

Will Olsen

Will Olsen

Will, the rocket scientist, seems to be the male version of Iris Chang to Caleb.  They already butted heads once, but it’s worth noting that Will showed no interest in Shelby…..so far.  Will seems like the smart person who will serve as the new Simon in situations we see at Quantico.

My Thoughts:

I have to say, Quantico really changed the game with their introduction of these 3 new characters in “Alex”.  I think it’s a great idea and keeps us guessing even more now regarding who this terrorist is.

Each of the new characters bring something different to the show from what I saw this episode and I think it’s also good to have some new blood brought in.

It’s interesting to note though, that we haven’t seen any of the new 3 in the present day scenes that they show.  I’m not surprised by this since the show just brought them in, but just something to think about.  I wonder where they come into play?

For the first time in what seems like all series, we see Natalie wanting to help Alex, instead of challenging her.

The Duncan Howell part of the episode was very intriguing.  We virtually know nothing about him so far and we didn’t learn much this episode other than that Ryan Booth and Alex both know of him.

Personally, I thought that the scrambled voice that Alex spoke with sounded mostly female, am I crazy?

Your Thoughts:

Did the scrambled voice on the phone sound more male or female?


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