Quantico Episode 13: “Clear”

Quantico Episode 13: “Clear”

A recap and review of Quantico Ep. 13: “Clear”


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Sullywood Rating: 6.5/10

What We Learned:


  • While picking out today’s socks, we notice that Will has a picture of Nimah in his drawer
  • Shelby decides to continue looking into her fake sister’s ransom
  • The Assignment: Exploit the emotional weaknesses of your classmates
  • Shelby finds out that she’s being conned again by her fake sister, she hasn’t actually been kidnapped
  • Part 2 of the assignment is for the recruits to do some recruiting of their own, they are to go to a local bar and try and turn a government employee into a FBI informant
  • As expected, the trainees failed their mission as the target informants were actually FBI agents
  • Nimah discovers Raina’s chat session with the people she got from Charlie
  • Natalie meets with Miranda.  She explains that Brandon told her about Natalie’s custody situation and grants Natalie a leave of absence in order to sort through it
  • Iris helps Shelby by giving her the name of someone that can help her get her money back
  • We get a look at Will’s full sock drawer, which shows head shots of all the recruits, some with X’s over their faces.  We see Will mark an X through Nimah’s face


  • Natalie said she was drugged and then woke up with the bomb on, she says she now believes Alex about Elias being a puppet….oh is a bomb all it took for you to believe Alex?
  • The terrorist informs Alex and Natalie that they must break into the FBI’s server room and send them important information, otherwise Natalie goes boom
  • Hannah Wyland informs Alex that she’ll need to work her way back up after being reinstated
  • Alex sneaks Natalie, bomb and all, into the FBI building…due to a very convenient button that doesn’t allow the alarm to go off when sensing the bomb on her
  • Through some trickery, Alex is able to obtain Wyland’s fingerprint in order to access the server room
  • Alex and Natalie call in a bomb threat in order to create a distraction so that they can access the server room.  Once they enter, they realize that the terrorist is after the schedule and detail of every presidential candidate
  • Natalie proposes attaching a program so that when the terrorist opens the information, they could track them
  • They send the information and the program is active and shows the location of the terrorist, Alex and Natalie leave to go to the location
  • Alex and Natalie arrive and see that the terrorist has read the information, but is nowhere to be seen.  Alex receives a call and the terrorist says “You didn’t listen”…..Natalie’s bomb goes off
  • Alex goes to Ryan, hysterically.  She wants to be taken somewhere, but she receives a phone call and runs out of Ryan’s place, the voice says that she’d better start following orders or else more will die

My Thoughts:

Am I the only one that finds Shelby’s sister side story really boring and uninteresting?  This is a perfect example of why this show might need a makeover before season 2.  The stakes are so high when we see scenes in the present day versus the silly games and side stories back at Quantico.  I’ve always found the contradicting vibes of each time period to be too far off.  I am hoping that we eventually ditch the Quantico flashbacks and have the writers focus solely on the present day terrorist business.

I also felt like “Clear” spent way too long on the assignment this week.  Those scenes in the bar, trying to recruit informants, was way too drawn out and it all ended in stereotypical “you all failed” form via Miranda and Liam.

I really like the new Will character.  Not only is he unlike any of the other characters, but his autistic tendencies provide a skill set the other recruits can’t come close to.

There are many things I’ve learned from wasting countless hours watching TV, and one of those is this: If I don’t see a body, that person probably isn’t dead.  I am of course referring to Natalie.  I just don’t buy it.  Whether she is a pawn like Elias, actually the terrorist, or there is just some other odd explanation, I just don’t think she’s dead.  If I’m wrong, I’m kind of bummed since this is the first time I really liked her character.

My Top Terrorist Suspect:

brandon fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

What? Why? Who? It’s possible most of you didn’t even know Brandon’s name was Brandon.  For some reason though, he seemed to really stick out this episode to me.  First of all, he’s not a main cast member, yet still seems to stick around.  The last non-main cast member we knew better than a background character….Elias.  As far as a motive goes, you got me.  But that’s what makes him even more suspicious, we hardly know anything about the guy.  He also has a past relationship with Natalie, so he would be able to get close to her, have her trust him, and get her in a position to strap the bomb on.   Last thing, I might be mistaken here, but have we seen the guy in the present scenes at all????


Your Thoughts:

Is Natalie actually dead?


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