Quantico Episode 14: “Answer”

Quantico Episode 14: “Answer”

A recap and review for Quantico Episode 14: “Answer”


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Sullywood Rating: 6/10

What We Learned:


  • The recruits did some driving, with their usual rival counterparts
  • The Assignment: The recruits have to interview “suspects” correctly that were previously failed
  • Nimah disguises herself as Raina and visits Charlie’s kidnappers, she finds guns….lots of guns
  • Alex continues to not mind her own business and probes Liam about what happened in Chicago during the failed mission.  Liam explains that while the mission failed, nobody actually died and Ryan took the fall for Liam.  Apparently Liam sold guns to some criminals in order to keep his cover
  • Alex tells Drew what Liam told her….great idea….Drew freaks out over one of the details and during the exercise, Drew verbally attacks Liam over Chicago.  It turns out that the group Liam sold the guns to, were the same people that killed Drew’s fiancé.  After class, Liam tells Drew he’s done at Quantico
  • We see Caleb dress up and talk to someone on a laptop, Will watches from a far
  • Will confronts Caleb regarding what he saw Caleb doing earlier in the day.  Caleb basically denies it and then also basically threatens Will
  • Miranda confronts Liam about sleeping with Alex.  She tells him that she expects his resignation tomorrow
  • Will follows Caleb to a dinner where he is meeting with Samar and they talk about money and some sort of deed to be done


  • Simon is pulling a Walter White and camping out in a shack in the woods
  • Alex offers to go hunting with the crazy person….Quantico or The Revenant?
  • Miranda approaches Booth and Nimah about Natalie.  Alex clearly hasn’t told anybody what has happened to Natalie
  • Simon wants to shoot Alex in order to make his guilt go away. Obviously Simon does not shoot Alex and she convinces him to look for justice instead with her
  • Nimah and Booth somehow have Alex’s position in the woods and go pick her up
  • Simon lights his cabin on fire, with himself in it
  • Alex and Ryan patch things up.  Afterwards, there’s a knock on Alex’s door, it’s Simon.  The terrorist calls and Simon plugs something into her phone and says he has a plan

My Thoughts:

Okay, for the love of God will somebody please kill off Liam and Miranda???? They are the most unbelievable characters on TV right now, and that’s hard to do with shows like Scandal to compete with.  What kind of teachers act the way they do, in and out of the classroom? I’m fed up with them, please move on Quantico.

Was it just me or did Simon seem to develop a thicker Southern accent the more grizzly he appeared?

Another week, another secret for Alex to share with the rest of the class.  I liked Alex a lot in the beginning of this show, but like Liam said towards the end…..quit trying to solve everything because you think everyone is bad and you are good.  Liam with a teachable moment???? Well even a broken clock is right twice a day.

My Top Terrorist Suspect:

brandon fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

Once again, he was around in “Answer” just enough to be on our minds, but not enough for us develop any feelings for the character.  I mean if you think about it, we know so much about the main recruits and we are beginning to know so much about the newcomers that I don’t think the show will have one of them be it.  Still calling it….it’s Brandon.

Your Thoughts:

Worse candidate for Teacher of the Year? Miranda or Liam?


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