Quantico Episode 15: “Turn”

Quantico Episode 15: “Turn”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 15: “Turn”


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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:


  • Assignment: Recruits must decide if past cases were hate crimes or not
  • During the assignment, Will distracts Caleb while Iris goes into their room and takes the mysterious envelope out of Caleb’s pillow
  • A van full of men drive up to the front of Quantico and kill the watch guards
  • We learn that they are the terrorist group that Raina was trying to infiltrate.  Charlie confesses to Raina that his kidnapping was staged and that he gave the group information about the Quantico campus
  • After learning of Caleb’s information, Shelby runs off.  Caleb and Will go after her.  We learn that Shelby’s parents are actually alive.  Shelby, Will, and Caleb see Liam in the woods who is almost shot by one of the terrorists….ironically Drew saves his life
  • Liam welcomes Drew back to Quantico
  • Miranda, Liam, and Nimah drive to Miranda’s house where Raina and Charlie are waiting.  While there, one of the terrorist group members is in the house and approaches Miranda and Charlie
  • Alex goes to see Ryan.  She basically breaks it off with him
  • Caleb takes Shelby to see Samar where she explains that she was paid to act as her sister, but that she actually cared for her.  Shelby isn’t having her tearful explanation and says:

bye felicia

  • The shooter tells Charlie to shoot Miranda.  Charlie shoots the terrorist instead…good choice.  The FBI sees Charlie with the gun and shoots and kills him


  • Simon is going to try and decode the voice of the terrorist
  • Alex is told by the terrorist to go into the FBI building and open a package.  She does and there is a small bottle.  The terrorist tells her that she needs to swipe the bottle with an identical version in Senator Haas’s purse
  • Foolishly, Alex tells Hannah everything about the terrorist and wants her to help her plant the bottle of pills.  As expected, Hannah doesn’t help her and tells her hand over her badge and gun and that she’ll be at her door soon enough to arrest her
  • Time is up for Alex and the terrorist calls.  Alex assumes the terrorist will tell her she failed, but actually the pills were somehow swapped successfully
  • Soon after, Hannah Wyland comes to Alex’s apartment where she confesses to swapping the pills and that she believes Alex’s story about the terrorist

My Thoughts:

Probably the most “Quantico” based episode of the series so far.  Very little seemed to happen in the present.  To be honest, I liked having one of the time periods dominating most of the show versus constant going back and forth between the past and present.

So Charlie is gone.  I’m sad for Miranda and Charlie seemed like a troubled soul, but I’m glad his story line is over.  That was one of the one too many extra story lines that this show needed to cut.  Let’s hope it dies, just like Charlie.  Yup…..that was cold.

I don’t trust Hannah Wyland any more than I do those odd-flavored jelly beans.  That was a quick “Turn” for Hannah going from wanting to put Alex in prison to full out putting her career and life at risk.  I just don’t buy it and I think it’s very possible that we have a Scream situation where Hannah and one of the students are a pair of terrorists.  Hey….gotta keep it interesting.

My Top Terrorist Suspect:

brandon fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

Actually the first episode in a long time where Brandon wasn’t present.  Still keeping him at the top of my list for now.  Although, I must say that the terrorist’s voice and the way it spoke sounded a lot like Caleb in this episode.  Could there be a new top suspect next week?????

Your Thoughts:

Can we trust Hannah Wyland?


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