Quantico Episode 16: “Clue”

Quantico Episode 16: “Clue”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 16: “Clue”


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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:


  • The recruits go through counseling due to last week’s events
  • Raina and Miranda find out that they have to speak with a group regarding the Charlie situation.  Raina is nervous about telling the truth, so she is planning to lie
  • This week’s assignment is how to properly arrest someone.  After some drills, the group participates in a hostage situation on an airplane.  After trying a crazy number of times, Liam informs the recruits that this was a lose-lose situation
  • Caleb spills to Will that he has his alternate persona so that he can infiltrate the cult that he was rescued from.  We learn that Caleb’s best friend though couldn’t escape, and with Will’s help, they are going to plan a rescue.
  • Miranda meets with the group and informs them that she assigned Raina to the mission.  Due to this, Miranda is removed as a teacher
  • In her place, a waaaaay more qualified agent takes over…..Ryan….can anybody say love triangle


  • Senator Haas feels the effects of the switched pills and has to change her schedule around, to the benefit of the terrorist
  • Alex and Hannah attend a town hall where they are told to plant a device under a seat by the terrorist.  After doing so, Ryan confronts Alex about placing the device under the chair.  As they speak the lights shut off and Hannah fires her gun in the air to get the people out of the room
  • Hannah is arrested and we find out that she’s been suspended.  After learning this, Ryan informs Alex that he’s going to be watching her every move
  • Simon learns that a lab was broken into, which was located under the room where Haas was going to speak, revealing that the assassination attempt was just a smoke screen

My Thoughts:

I still think that Hannah is so guilty.  Tonight’s episode only furthered my suspicion.  One thing to note, she was nowhere to be found when Ryan confronted Alex, and then the device went missing after that conversation.  Now that she’s suspended, I think it’s showing that she can be trusted, but I see the opposite.

This Caleb/cult story line is just another subplot that is unnecessary for this show.  Once again, I’ll be glad when we don’t get the flashbacks anymore

My Top Terrorist Suspect:

brandon fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

Brandon was back this week.  Around just enough once again to be involved with the class, but not enough for us to fall in love with his character.  But I think I’m convinced that there are two terrorists…one being Brandon….and the other being Hannah Wyland.

Your Thoughts:

Is there a chance that there are 2 terrorists?


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