Quantico Episode 17: “Care”

Quantico Episode 17: “Care”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 17: “Care”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:


  • Things get awkward back at Quantico with Ryan Booth coming back to fill Miranda’s role
  • This week’s assignment: border control.  The recruits must construct a wall for Donald Trump….wait that’s not right.  Oh yes, they must sneak back into the US without passports, basically as illegal immigrants
  • For the assignment, Drew and Alex are not paired up and Alex believes Ryan is behind this.  She later confronts him, but he denies it.  We learn that Drew was the one who requested the change
  • Caleb has other plans for the assignment.  He instead sets up a meeting with Shelby and her parents to meet in Canada.  We find out that Shelby’s parents had to flee the country because of their business being able to be tied back to terrorists and 9/11
  • Suspicous of them, Caleb traps Shelby’s parents into telling their real plan, which is to take money from Shelby and continue their current lives.  Caleb confronts them and pays them off for never contacting Shelby again
  • Drew and Alex decide to walk across the border…..that sounds awful.  They don’t seem to make it to far and so they break it into a cabin and sleep there for the night.  Except for they don’t really sleep and instead Drew explains that he wanted to be a part from Alex because she distracts them.  With that confession, a lot of sleep didn’t actually occur we could assume
  • Earlier, the twins are told by Liam that their program might be coming to an end.  To prove that they still had value, they switch places during the assignment and win the mission, thus proving to Liam and the FBI that the program is still effective


  • According to “The Voice”, Alex’s last mission is to capture an asset from the FBI and CIA and release them to the terrorist.  After planting a tracker on Ryan, Simon and Alex find the location and discover that the asset is Will
  • After successfully escaping CIA custody, the group plans their next move.  Will offers to go voluntarily, suggesting that he might be able to bring the terrorist down from the inside
  • Alex, Simon, and Will go to the drop point where “The Voice” calls Alex and tells her to release Will….and also Simon.  Alex is completely distraught over this, but Simon goes willingly.  “The Voice” then tells her to walk up to the car window and hand her phone to the driver.  The window opens and Alex finds herself handing her phone to Shelby

My Thoughts:

This was the best episode we’ve seen in a really long time for this show.  From top to bottom the best I can remember this whole season maybe.

So apparently our terrorist has now graduated from “the terrorist” to……:

The Voice

Can’t tell which is growing longer…..our list of suspects or Caleb’s hair.

I was actually going to write in my “Care” recap and review that Drew and Alex better get it on already…..sheesh!  The sexual tension was killing us all!  But alas, finally the writers let Quantico’s newest couple have some time alone, and boy did they take advantage.  As if we needed more football puns on this show…..TOUCHDOWN!

I’m so glad that Will was seen in the future.  Will is the man, and him being in the future can only mean that we’ll at least get a chance of seeing more of him in the future of this show.

So…..Shelby.  At first glance, she looked menacing.  Later in that glance she looks as if she was saying….for the love of God help me!!!!!  You be the judge:

Shelby Care

Personally I think it’s the latter.  If Shelby would have found out about her parents in this episode, than maybe she would’ve had enough time to completely lose it and become a terrorist or even worse…..a “the voice”!!!!  But overall, she’d be running out of time in my eyes to snap.

My Top Terrorist Suspect:

Caleb Haas

Caleb Haas

A change at the top!!!!!  In my eyes, Caleb is the one cast member who has seemed to change the most throughout the first season.  He’s gone from being a pretty boy idiot, to a failure, to a computer genius, to an international spy now basically.  He also hasn’t been around in the future in quite some time.  His mother has been a pawn in the The Voice’s game and now it seems like Caleb’s girlfriend might be as well.  Also, for some reason, I’ve also though the inflection and pattern in “The Voice” sounded just like Caleb.  We’ll see.

Your Thoughts:

Is Shelby really evil?


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