Quantico Episode 18: “Soon”

Quantico Episode 18: “Soon”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 18: “Soon”


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Sullywood Rating: 6.5/10

What We Learned:


  • The NATs are tested medically and psychically
  • They are also tasked with answering a questionnaire which will determine whether they have security clearance
  • A few of the recruits fail and the recruits who passed must identify where irregularities exist with the ones who failed
  • Miranda learns her fate, she will not get her old position back at Quantico.  Pissed off, she goes on a witch hunt where she begins to realize that Liam was the board member who voted her out.  Intent on getting back at him, she gets him drunk and records him admitting to sleeping with Alex
  • Miranda takes her evidence to Clayton Haas who dismisses it
  • After pleading their cases for why the failed recruits should receive clearance, only Iris is left standing without clearance
  • Angry, Iris calls Sistemics and informs them that Will is coming and that he is an FBI agent.  Iris then tells Shelby, who then tells Liam….secrets secrets ladies!  Caleb becomes aware of this and runs after Will, who already has started his mission to Sistemics.  Caleb arrives where the members are waiting and are suspicious of him.  They take Caleb to Will where must prove his allegiance to them by beating the ever loving crap out of him.  Luckily Shelby shows up and the members grab Caleb and they go back inside Sistemics


  • Alex discovers that the car Shelby was driving was rented under the name Mark Raymond
  • Ryan spies on Alex through her desktop, with Nimah’s assistance.  Alex asks Raina, who we see is no longer an FBI agent, to pretend to be Nimah so that she can distract Ryan
  • Raina is discovered by Ryan, and Raina warns Alex in enough time for her to leave the building
  • Alex is then stopped by an SUV, which contains Claire Haas.  Alex gets in and Claire takes her to her home in Georgetown where she reveals Caleb, who is now a drug addict.  Caleb took the drugs to help cope with his father’s death
  • As Alex leaves, Caleb stops her as he sneaks out of the house and says he’s coming with her.  As he goes to grab his bag, he phones someone saying that Alex “fell for it”, seeming to be very NOT a drug addict.  The two run off

My Thoughts:

So besides finding out that Shelby’s car was rented by Caleb’s alter-ego in “Soon”, we’re just not going to dive into why Shelby was driving the van and took Alex’s phone???  Okay Quantico writers…….

Man, Liam and Miranda, I have no words left for you.  You are the worst teachers in the history of the world.  Miranda lost her job, now please FBI, boot out Liam for the sake of our country’s security!!!!!!

I know Alex is our main character, but she is utterly incompetent and annoying at times.  I can’t stand her need to always fight for everyone.  Just because Drew didn’t pass, doesn’t mean he was screwed over Alex!!!! Like my teachers always said to me when I would tattle….Alex, you worry about Alex.  But what do teachers know?

One gripe I have with this show’s timeline is that things happen far too quickly.  When the recruits end training and when they begin their field work is super unrealistic.  I know I’m stating something you probably already know and realize, but sometimes it just makes the rest of the story less realistic.  The same goes with the what we see happening after the 3rd bomb went off in the mid-season finale.  Way too much change happens with our characters in a short period of time.

Just as I begin to suspect Caleb, they go and make him look suspicious.  Darn you writers!!!!!!  If this show truly reveals the terrorist to us this season, now is the time to keep track of people they are NOT making looking suspicious.  Instead of writing about one single person, I am going to list the people who to me have looked somewhat innocent, which could mean that they are guilty:

My List of People Who Haven’t Been Shady As Hell:

Brandon Fletcher – Ahhh my mainstay.  As always, he’s around, but not sure why he gets so much screen time for not being one of the gang

Will Olsen – He’s waaaaaaaay too helpful to complete strangers

Iris Chang – She hasn’t done anything shady the whole time, but now she has a motive to lose her mind and destroy things!!!!

Natalie Vasquez – So I’m cheating the process when I say that I know that Anabelle Acosta (Natalie Vasquez) was promoted to series regular even before the series premier.  Which means, no way that girl is dead.  Why stay dead?  Because you have something to hide!

Your Thoughts:

Who is Caleb working for?


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