Quantico Episode 19: “Fast”

Quantico Episode 19: “Fast”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 19: “Fast”


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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:


  • Assignment this week: learn about the different fields that you can work in after the academy
  • Nimah and Raina receive a handler from Liam.  The twins don’t seem to trust him right off the bat due to his attitude towards them
  • Alex witnesses Drew’s tremors but doesn’t inform Liam or Ryan at first
  • In an exercise later on, Drew’s tremors almost puts a mission at risk for Alex and him.  Alex is forced to then tell Ryan and Liam about Drew’s condition.  Drew leaves Quantico
  • Shelby goes to Sistemics to find Caleb.  She finds him and he explains how he is undercover and working on an “off the books” mission.  Caleb then meets with the leader and records a confession from him.  Caleb learns the fate of his friend who committed suicide last year
  • In order for the FBI to get everything they want out of Sistemics, the leader will be giving up everything but also be going free.  Caleb will not be rewarded for his work because he’s still a recruit and his father believes it best if he is taken out of the academy
  • Caleb’s father explains everything to Shelby and then offers her a job in his office after the academy
  • After informing on their handler multiple times, the twins get their wish and their handler quits.  As he leaves, he gives them some valuable information and it seems like they might have made a mistake.  They receive a new handler who wants them in counter-terrorism


  • Ryan receives a visit from Natalie’s mother, who tells him she hasn’t heard from her in a while
  • Ryan and Nimah learn that Alex and Natalie’s stunt to get into the FBI building was also the last day Natalie was seen
  • Alex has Caleb living at her apartment, recovering from the drugs
  • While Caleb recovers, Alex finds Shelby at the FBI building, and she’s installing a program
  • Shelby informs Alex that the Voice is a combination of Alex and the other NATs voices.  She also explains what happened after the incident with Will and Simon.  After Alex left, Shelby was told to take Will and Simon to a warehouse, which is the last Shelby has seen of them
  • Shelby receives a call from the Voice.  Alex and Shelby trace the call, where they find themselves at a church.  Once inside, a voice is heard, it’s Will’s.  Will looks awful and is pleading for them to leave.  Will states that he was forced to create a nuke and then falls down on the ground

My Thoughts:

I think our list of suspects seems to be dwindling as we get closer and closer to the finish line.  People that I think are not the Voice are Alex, Shelby, Nimah and Raina, Iris, and Ryan.

The people that I think could still be the terrorist are Brandon, Simon, Will, Drew, and Natalie.  I don’t think there is any way that Natalie is dead, but will she come back to save the day, or be the one to cause the day to be saved?

If Will is truly gone than I am pissed!  His character was so fresh and his intelligence was a welcome break from some of the stupidity we see week in and week out at the academy.  Part of me is very suspicious of him as well.

Oh Drew….life just kind of hates you doesn’t it?  Drew has had some set back and “Fast” was no different.  As of right now, Drew seems to be the only recruit now with a clear motive.  He’s lost in life.  The FBI has “screwed” him over.  I think the Voice being Drew makes perfect sense at this juncture, but it also seems a little obvious now.

My Top Suspects:

brandon fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

I’m going to sound like a broken record until it’s not him, but I just find his inclusion in every episode to be odd, with “Fast” as no exception

Will Olsen

Will Olsen

This one is a little more fun for me.  I could definitely see Will pulling off a Scream and acting like he’s the victim at the end of “Fast”, when he’s really the terrorist.  Along with my Scream reference, maybe he’s also pulling a Keyser Soze….and is really just acting the whole time as the way he portrays himself?  He’s also super duper smart like.


Simon Asher

Simon is someone I’ve always felt has never been completely truthful.  He also seems to have a lot of anxiety and issues, as well as being super intelligent.  Even though Simon is no longer with the FBI, he still sticks around and is now missing at one of the most important times in the season.  Also, fun bit of trivia, he was the first actor to be cast on the show.  Could mean nothing, could mean that the creators wanted their terrorist casted first?

Your Thoughts:

As always, what are your theories on who the Voice is?


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