Quantico Episode 20: “Drive”

Quantico Episode 20: “Drive”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 20: “Drive”


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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:


  • This week’s assignment: visit an FBI branch and learn stuff.  Most of our main cast visit the Richmond branch
  • Alex, Brandon, and Iris are tasked with cold calling citizens about a break in at a local post office.  Through some investigation, Alex is able to track down a suspected child pornographer
  • Brandon does surveillance on him and notices a fire coming from the man’s house.  He walks in and is knocked unconscious, we see the man’s “evidence” burning.  The rest of the crew arrives and are able to save Brandon, who was taken hostage by the man
  • Through the mission and speaking with Ryan, Alex is able to uncover more information about Chicago.  We learn that Liam told Ryan he would cover his post while he went home to try and patch things up with Hannah.  Unfortunately for Ryan he trusted Liam, which is an awful idea, and he gets drunk and never takes over Ryan’s post
  • Iris learns from Caleb that Shelby’s parents were conning her.  Iris informs Shelby, who wants to quit the FBI in order to be with her parents.  Shelby calls Clayton and tells him to take her parents down
  • Nimah and Raina are tasked with discovering their contact at the Richmond branch.  They believe it’s one the agents they’ve met with the whole time, but they are wrong.  Raina is able to play it off like she knew the whole time it was another agent, but Nimah isn’t informed that they were wrong in time.  She embarrasses the agent who thought she really wanted to have dinner with him and he threatens to inform their handler.  Nimah persuades the agent not to tell…we’re unsure what “persuading” went on.  After “completing” their mission, they are given their assignment to infiltrate the Islamic Front cell


  • Ryan puts out an arrest warrant for Alex due to her being the last person to see Natalie
  • Alex and Shelby visit a “John Doe” in the hospital.  It turns out to be Drew, who is showing similar symptoms as Will did in the previous episode
  • Drew is adamant that Ryan is the Voice.  He gives Alex a device and tells her to use it on Ryan’s computer to search through it for evidence that can prove that Ryan is the Voice
  • Alex sneaks into the FBI office with Shelby’s help and she gets to Ryan’s computer.  As she’s inputting the device, Ryan walks in and they get into a pretty serious fight….no not an “OMG are they gonna break up fight”….like an “I’m going to put you through a freaking wall you traitor fight”!
  • While fighting and also talking, Alex can see that Ryan knows nothing about Natalie or anything else going on, now believing that he isn’t the Voice.  She knocks him out and handcuffs him to a chair
  • Failing in her mission to load the files into Ryan’s computer, Alex receives a call.  It’s Drew, who “voices” his disappointment that she was unable to load the files so that he can frame Ryan.  He then tells Alex to go into the garage and get into Ryan’s truck.  Alex does so and when she opens the door she sees the nuclear bomb in it.  Following instructions from Drew to “Drive”, Alex leaves the garage in the truck

My Thoughts:

Well we’re getting down to the wire.  We learned in “Drive” that Drew was the Voice.  Or is he? I pointed out last week that him being the Voice made perfect sense, but that it would very obvious and kind of a let down.  But with that, I also mentioned in one of my previous posts that I thought it might be plausible that we have a Scream situation on our hands and that there might be two terrorists.  With what we see in regards to Drew in “Drive”, I think he indeed is one of our terrorists.   But let’s face it, Drew is not historically considered a genius, and if he is, then this show is extremely unrealistic.

With Drew, you do have a pretty solid motive, as mentioned in my previous week’s post.  He is already utterly pissed off at the world and the FBI.  So him going crazy and getting back at the FBI isn’t a stretch.  So to go back to my Scream comparison, IF YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK AND HAVEN’T SEEN SCREAM, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER, Drew would be our Billy.  He has a clear motive that is believable.  Now who is our Stu?  Well as always, my top choice is Brandon.

Drew to me “Screams” Billy (ah thank you), being the leader and having the motive.  Brandon seems like he could be a shoe-in for our Stu.  The guy in the background, who nobody would possibly believe would be the killer.  It would seem pretty crazy for Brandon to do this without a motive though.

With Brandon, I can’t seem to find a motive at all.  My best guess would be something along the lines of the FBI screwed his family over in some way, but that’s all I got.  I also struggle with the fact that Brandon is no Simon or Will.  Those guys are very believable in the genius role, whereas Brandon doesn’t have a reputation for it.  That’s why my second choice will continue to be Simon or Will.  Someone has to be the brains of the operation and right now those guys seem to fit that bill the most.

Did you notice how Brandon got a little more screen time in “Drive”, as well as a mysterious phone call from his mom?  How in the world would his mom know that something happened to him that quickly.  These are big boys and girls; the FBI certainly wouldn’t call his parents just because of an altercation and certainly not that quickly after it happened.  I read somewhere that in the one of the past episodes, it’s mentioned that Brandon’s family has a ton of money.  That certainly would help his cause of being the Voice as well.

One last bit to consider.  I might be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure we’ve been shown in previous episodes Brandon and Drew having a little “bromance” going on at Quantico.

Still haven’t ruled out Natalie as well, she is coming back at some point as I’ve mentioned before.

Overall, this show can do so much better and I’m probably giving it the benefit of the doubt with my weekly ratings.  Hopefully they clean up some of the Grey’s Anatomy involved a bit and add a little dose of realism in Season 2.

My Top Suspect:

brandon fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

Ditto from “My Thoughts”

Your Thoughts:

If this is a situation like Scream, who are the killers….errr….terrorists?


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