Quantico Episode 21: “Right”

Quantico Episode 21: “Right”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 21: “Right”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:


  • This week’s assignment: they are introduced to the fancy pants evidence labs and get to go through the evidence of past-famous cases
  • Shelby and Alex of course break the rules and switch their key cards.  Shelby uses Alex’s to obtain documents so that she can entrap her parents and turn them into Haas.  Alex uses Shelby’s to access her dad’s journals from his time in the Omaha office
  • Through researching the journals, Alex discovers that her dad and Liam screwed up in Omaha and that their handler burned the evidence against them
  • Alex talks to Ryan about this and afterwards Ryan informs Liam that he won’t be going to DC with him
  • Nimah and Raina are close to begin infiltrating the terrorist cell, but Raina is having cold feet. She contacts Simon and after talking with him, she decides to stay with Nimah and the FBI


  • Alex is driving Ryan’s truck though the streets while trying to talk Drew off the ledge
  • Shelby works with Senator Haas to find Alex and Drew
  • Later on, we see Drew and Simon tied up, and the Voice is clearly using Drew’s as a diversion
  • Simon is able to break free.  As they begin to leave, the FBI comes to their building and breaks down the door, setting off a bomb.  Drew was unable to break free, but Simon was able to escape through a window
  • A video leaks to the news of Alex and the parking garage from the previous episode.  This leak appears to tip Miranda off and she leaves the building quickly
  • Miranda finds herself at a residence where she finds all sorts of plans for bombs and buildings, as well as surveillance on FBI agents and the FBI building itself.  While looking at the live feeds, she feels a presence from behind.  She states “I knew it was you”, turns around, and is shot.  The camera pans up and we see Liam is the shooter and therefore The Voice

My Thoughts:

Welp I was wrong, and definitely not “Right”.  Liam was such an obvious choice from the first episode even and I didn’t find the “twist” to be all that compelling.  Also, this show clearly marketed from the beginning of it’s existence that the terrorist was a fellow student….


So where does this leave us with Quantico?  Honestly, Liam being the Voice is the best possible thing for this show.  His character was awful and him being the Voice is by far the most believable out of any character.  The Voice being a student was so far fetched that if it was a student, the explanation as to why and how would’ve been such a stretch.  Speaking of HOW and WHY, according to interviews with the show runners, next week’s finale will explain both when it comes to Liam, so stay tuned.

I always had a thought that there was much more to Alex’s father than just the past.  Mainly I believe it was quite possible that he was still alive.  While it seems he really is dead, I think he’s certainly still a major player as to why Liam has gone off the deep end.  So while he probably won’t be in next week’s finale, he will still have an impact.

Overall, “Right” was done well and I enjoyed the anticipation leading up to the big reveal.

Your Thoughts:

Did Liam’s reveal as the Voice shock you?


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