Quantico Episode 22: “Yes”

Quantico Episode 22: “Yes”

A recap and review of Quantico Episode 22: “Yes”


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Sullywood Rating: 8.5/10

What We Learned:


  • We are presented with a short montage on how Liam was able to create the terrorist plot
  • It’s graduation week and the NAT’s prepare for life after Quantico
  • Liam tells Alex that Ryan won’t be following him to Washington D.C., as Alex believed, but instead will work in Texas
  • Alex confronts Ryan at the end of the year party and breaks up with him
  • Shelby, doing Shelby things, gets back at Caleb for ruining her chance to bring her parents down.  She tells Claire all about Sistemics and Caleb’s parents do not show up to his graduation.  It also seems that Shelby has a ton of clout and she manages to get Caleb’s corner office taken away in San Diego


  • Liam arrives in New York and informs the other agents that he believes Miranda is behind the attacks
  • While investigating Miranda, Ryan finds a camera in her place, and the group also finds many other timeline inaccuracies which seems to point to Miranda being framed as well
  • Alex visits Liam’s home and meets his daughter.  After finding some inaccuracies with Liam’s story, she begins to suspect that Liam is The Voice
  • Ryan confronts Liam in the parking garage, who sucker punches him and kidnaps him
  • Liam takes Ryan and Miranda to Quantico where he ties them up in a dorm room.  The former NAT’s soon realize that Liam’s plan is to blow up Quantico during this term’s graduation ceremony
  • Alex finds Ryan and Miranda and then the two go off in search of Liam.  They are able to track Liam down, who also is able to take Ryan hostage.  After Liam explains that the FBI is full of corruption and that he wants to start a new version of the FBI, Alex takes her shot and kills Liam
  • The group of agents find the bomb and soon realize that they cannot stop it.  Simon takes the bomb and gets into a car.  Alex calls Simon, who soon realizes that he is going to sacrifice himself.  Simon drives the car into the water and the bomb explodes with little to no damage, saving thousands of lives
  • At Simon’s funeral, Alex approaches Claire Haas and begins accusing her of working with Liam.  Claire denies this and Alex said that her and her friends will be watching her
  • We then flash forward two months later where Alex is still not reinstated by the FBI.  Alex has moved home to Oakland and is taking a morning jog.  She is stopped by a vehicle where a man inside offers her a job…he’s from the CIA

My Thoughts:

Well there you have it, the first season of Quantico has ended with the conclusion of “Yes”.  While this show had it’s ups and downs, I believe there is still a lot of potential.  What will be interesting about next season is how they handle the dual time lines.  I believe the show runners have already done interviews stating that the dual time lines will continue on with Season 2, so it will be interesting to see what time periods will be there new “past” and “present”.

My prediction?  I think what you will see is something of a mirror to this season.  The “present” will focus on some new terrorist threat where Alex will work with her former FBI classmates, and I think that the “past” might involve Alex’s training at the CIA, thus keeping the FBI training story line alive.  Which of course will mean Alex meeting handsome CIA agents in the process.

As much as it annoyed me that this show marketed an NAT as the terrorist, I’m still so glad it was Liam.  His character was awful and like I said last week, we don’t have to say goodbye to one of the NAT’s now…well except for poor Simon.  That is the one thing I’m pissed about.  Simon was probably my favorite of the recruits and now he’s gone.  But back to Liam, I thought the show handled the “how” and “why” very well.  The montage in the beginning of “Yes” was fun and showed me details I had even forgot about from earlier in the season.

The one part of “Yes” that I found a bit rushed, was Alex’s conversation with Claire.  There were a ton of theories out there that she was indeed working with Liam in order to further her political career.  I wasn’t sure if they’d go that route, but it looks like they did and it appears that she’s just going to get away with it….for now?  While she was not a very nice person and put her political career ahead of all else, I didn’t think anything Claire did the whole season showed evil to the extent of terrorism.

The worst part of this episode though?  Shelby getting Caleb’s corner office taken away.  Oh yeah….a nobody NAT recruit can just call up another field office, say some things, and get the Vice President of the United States and Deputy Director of the FBI’s son’s office taken away.  So stupid.  Sorry but the little details of Quantico aggravate me at times.

Well that’s it from me this season.  As we know, this show has been renewed for Season 2, so I’ll see you all in a few months for the season premiere!

Your Thoughts:

Are you still on board with Quantico for Season 2?


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