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The Walking Dead “Forget” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 8/10


We begin tonight’s episode with Sasha sleeping, or lack thereof, in fact she’s having some trouble sleeping and keeps staring at pictures of this family.  The next day, we see Sasha and a woman enter a storage room.  Sasha gets a gun and is planning to go hunting.  The woman would like a leg of a boar if she finds one (damn people in Alexandria are soooo needy).  Instead of hunting though, Sasha shoots the pictures of the family from earlier.  Sahsa is still adjusting to life without walkers, to say the least.  In fact, she thinks it’s a good idea to offer herself up in the woods, and quietly she says “Come and get me”.

Carol, Rick, and Daryl are devising a plan in case Alexandria goes south.  Rick says to keep it quiet and keep it just between them (Secrets, secrets Rick) A nice ole walker comes by, Carol lets loose on the walker and says she didn’t want come back with a full magazine, would be suspicious.  The A-Team go up to the walker, it has a “W” etched in its forehead (Creepy).  We switch over to Michonne who is trying on her new cop garb.  Rick walks in, questions why they would put them in charge and give them authority.  Michonne says she’s not sure if it’s “for us or for them”.  They both aren’t sure why though.

We see Daryl walking through the woods, someone approaches, its Aaron.  Aaron asks if Rick can differentiate between good and bad people, as Daryl can between walkers and humans.  Aaron has some self-esteem issues doesn’t he?

Deanna is explaining the cop role to Michonne and Rick, Maggie is also there.  Deanna says with those uniforms people will respect them; Michonne counters, people will respect them because they have windbreakers on? Well maybe if their windbreakers looked like this:


Deanna says no, because she’ll tell the citizens to respect them.  Deanna explains her master plan, (that sounds really evil, but it really is a master plan) she wants to build a government, that’s why Maggie is there.  (Oh yeah, the farmer, Maggie, I totally think of government when I think of Maggie) She wants to build a police force, make it a vibrant community, with industry, commerce, civilization, real lives.  Rick thinks security should be beefed up.  Deanna clearly doesn’t want that.  What does Sasha want? Sasha wants to be a lookout in the watch tower.  Deana says nobody mans it.  The group says they’ve seen people manning it before (Deanna is back pedaling more than Norman Bates being questioned about his dead mother in the window) She says oh that just Spencer, he goes up there sometimes (oh).  Deanna agrees to let Sasha help out, Sasha wants all of the shifts.  Deanna wants Spencer (her other son) up there today, but Sasha can as well…but (oh crap) she wants something in return.  She wants her and all of them to….come to a party tonight. (oh damn Deanna plays for keeps)

Carol is chatting with the Real Housewives of Alexandria when Rick walks up.  She leaves and talks to him about the party tonight.  Rick is going to slip out, Carol mentions Rick is too well known, would be noticed if he was gone.  Carol says “You know what’s great about this place?  You get to be invisible again.”

Back to you, Daryl and Aaron.  They spot a horse.  Aaron’s been trying to catch “Buttons” for awhile, (Buttons?) Aaron says a kid named him (sure he did Aaron).  Daryl gives it a shot, he gets close, but then walkers come and Buttons runs off. They quickly dispose of them.  We see Carol and the woman that was with Sasha from earlier, sharing recipes.  (She’s clearly the gatekeeper to the storage unit)  Two men walk in and talk about checking the town walls before the party.  Carol grabs her supplies and the men ask her if she’s scared of guns? (Oh boy, they have no idea)  The man introduces himself as Tobin, (He’s about her age, perhaps a future romance?  I don’t trust him.)  He thanks Olivia and leaves, hey we have a name!

The Adventures of Daryl and Aaron again.  Aaron says he thinks Daryl thinks he’s an outsider.  He says he’s heard some bad things as well about him and Eric and understands what it’s like.  Aaron talks about how people are scared of people they don’t know.  We are now at the party.  Everybody’s there.  Everybody’s dressed up (wellllll…dressed up for nowadays.)  Pretty weird seeing everyone in normal/clean clothes.  We meet Deanna’s husband, Reg.  Says he watched the tapes with their interviews and thinks Rick is incredible.  (I kind of thought maybe he was dead the way Deanna talked about him.)  They offer Rick booze; he refuses at first, and then accepts a glass.  Rick notices Jessie and family walk in.  Back to Daryl and Aaron, and they are going after the walkers.  One surprises Aaron and grabs his leg, luckily Daryl saves him.  We see the horse from earlier and it’s overtaken by walkers.  (Damn that was sad)

Back from commercial, Daryl and Aaron finish off the group of walkers.  Back at the party, we see awkward Noah in the corner.  Maggie and Glenn arrive.  Noah wants to leave; Glenn and Maggie say he’s family, and they don’t bail on family (they’ve clearly never been to a party with Noah).  Daryl is outside looking at the house party.  Aaron spies Daryl and talks to him, invites him in for some “serious spaghetti”.  (What makes spaghetti serious?) Jessie says hi and introduces her husband to Rick; (We’ve already met, sort of awkwardly, I’m sure Rick is thinking) her husband’s name is Pete and he’s a doctor.  He apparently wants to check Rick out.  Rick and Jessie chit chat.  Jessie says they’ve all lost things, but they got something back, and although Alexandria isn’t enough, it’s something.  Rick sees Carl having fun with the boys.  He’s happy.  Jessie’s son walks up, all the cookies are gone!

But you’re in luck kid; Rick says he knows the woman who makes them.  The kid notices that Rick doesn’t have a stamp, Rick playing along, says okay give me one.  The kid does and it’s a large red A, yikes, that never works out, just ask Hester Prynne or the pretty little liars of Rosewood.  Rick looks a little spooked, Jessie tells “Sam” to run along, wait that was “don’t run”.  Jessie leaves and Rick looks down at his hand.

We see Sasha come to the party where we officially meet Spencer, who opens the door for Sasha.  He offers to show her around and help her avoid a Mrs. Neidermeyer.  Sasha is pretty cold to him and walks off.  Daryl and eating spaghetti, a great combination.  Eric explains that Mrs. Neidermeyer (damn, again, this woman must really suck) really wants a pasta maker.  So they ask Daryl if he sees any on his travels, that would be great if he get one.  Aaron gives Eric a look and Eric asks Aaron “You didn’t ask him?”, Daryl responds “Ask me what?”  They enter their garage where we see a nice garage with a lot bike parts.  Aaron tells Daryl that he’s gonna need a bike, Daryl asks why.  Aaron explains that he told Deanna not to give him a job because Aaron has one for him; he wants Daryl to be Alexandria’s other recruiter and replace Eric.  He says Daryl needs to get away from Alexandria from time to time and so does he.  He says though, the real reason he wants Daryl to do it is because he knows the difference between a good person and a bad person.  Daryl say’s “I got nothing else to do…Thanks”.

So which sitcom would you most want to watch? Rick and Michonne as a cop duo, or Daryl and Aaron’s adventures as recruiters?  That’s a toughy.

Abe and Michonne are outside talking.  Abe really not making sense, Michonne asks how much he’s had to drink. (Was thinking the same thing Michonne)  He asks her what she’s done and she replies that she put on the dress, try again says Abe.  (Going to be honest, I didn’t really understand this conversation or Abe whatsoever) We see Carol hop through the window of the storage room, she’s grabbing some guns when all of a sudden….Sam creepily asks what she’s doing. He says he followed her, he thought she was going to make more cookies, but instead she came here.  In case you didn’t have a chance to see what Sam looks like, here’s a pic:


Carol offers to make him a whole batch of cookies, (Sam likes that), BUT he has to keep a secret that he saw Carol there.  He says he can’t, that he tells his Mom everything.  Carol says that he shouldn’t tell, and if he does, one night he’ll wake up, and be outside the walls, tied to a tree, and he’ll scream and nobody will hear you, but something will hear you, and they’ll tear you apart and eat you alive.  Or Sam can tell nobody, live, and get cookies, lots of cookies.  One of the most amazing things I’ve ever watched.  I love Carol.  Also one of the easiest decisions to every make there Sam.

Back at the party, more Jessie and Rick, she’s got Judith.  Rick mentions that it’s not bad here, Jessie hands Judith to Rick and we get that awesomely awkward moment we see in TV and movies andddd…Rick kisses her!  (She didn’t hate it)  Deanna asks Sasha to join her, Sasha acts like she just was asked to clean the bathrooms.  Sasha listens to all of the conversations and could not look more crazy while doing it.  A woman asks Sasha what her favorite meal is and Sasha appropriately flips out and yells at the lady.

Next day, we see Deanna approach Sasha at the gate.  Deanna’s trying to figure her out, Sasha says “this” and looks at Alexandria, and says “It isn’t real”.  Deanna says that’s bullshit and hands her some bullets and Sasha walks out the gate.  We see the 3 amigos from the beginning back at the old house with the guns Carol took.  Daryl mentions that he’s good, he doesn’t want a gun and he wants to try living in Alexandria.  Rick slowly and pretty reluctantly takes one.  We pan over to Michonne; she hangs her sword on the wall.  The three walk back into Alexandria, go their separate ways.  Jessie and Pete wave hi to Rick, and by “hi”, I mean show their stamps to each other.  Camera goes behind Rick where we see his gun and Rick’s hand on it.  Rick approaches the wall, and listens to a walker outside. Fade to black.


Another good episode after a slow start.  It’s really interesting to see these people having a hard time adjusting to something so foreign….normal life.  I feel like all of the characters are really strong right now.  Another odd episode with Sasha.  Kind of thought her whole sunset experience with Maggie had her turning another leaf.  It would be one thing if she’s apprehensive about Alexandria, but she really is just apprehensive to the whole idea of being back in civilization.  The episode had good pacing and developed the story further with Alexandria.  My only other take away is that I’m glad Daryl sort of found himself in this episode, really liked the scenes with him and Aaron.  I really can’t figure out Alexandria and its people, but I will put money on it, we will see a fight between Rick and Pete by the end of the season.  Until next week, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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