Ep. 14 “Spend”

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The Walking Dead “Spend” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10


We begin tonight’s episode with everyone’s favorite preacher, Father Gabriel.  He walks into a garage, which looks like Alexandria’s church.  He slowly walks to the front, runs his fingers over a bible sitting on a makeshift stand, and notices a bowl of strawberries with a note that says the town is blessed to have him.  Gabriel looks like he is losing it, and begins ripping pages out of the bible and looks up to the sky, seemingly looking for answers.

Daryl and Aaron are off to recruit.  Reg walks up and asks Noah why he called such an early meeting, Noah wants to learn how to build and wants Reg to teach him how to build things, so that one day he can repair the walls if needed, or build more houses.  Reg begins writing, Noah asks what’s he writing, Reg writes everything down, then rips out some pages, and hands Noah the journal and says that he should start.  Yup Reg, Noah is here for the long haul:


We see Abe, looking in the mirror, we see in the reflection Rosita laying in bed.  Go Abe!  We see Noah trying to do the impossible and get Eugene to take a gun.  It looks like the power grid needs some work.  Eugene says he can fix the grid, but can’t fight.  Aiden says bye to his parents,  Maggie says bye to Glenn.  Team Power Grid begins to drive away, when we hear a fantastic techno music mix provided by Aiden, apparently not the first mix. Gabriel looks on from his garage…..I mean church.

Rick enters Jessie’s garage.  Her owl thingy has been messed the eff up by someone.  Rick says there needs to be consequences for the smallest of actions, even breaking an owl statue.  We see our power grid team arriving at their destination, Nicholas is already being a huge tool.  We see Eugene and Tara walking around the perimeter of the building; Eugene wants it on record that he should not be here and doesn’t feel comfortable about it.  Eugene seems to want to take a lot of credit for leading the group to Alexandria, I think Eugene has got his facts wrong.  Glenn and Noah walk around the building another way and notice a whole bunch of walkers in the front.  The group enters the building, its dark, and I’m definitely getting a certain vibe from this place:

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The group slowly and cautiously moves through the building, they can hear the walkers, Glenn believes the walkers are stuck behind something.  They continue when all of a sudden….WALKER party!  A large amount of them are trying to get through a fenced in area of the building.  Glenn says let’s get to work and Tara points the flashlight at Eugene and say’s “You’re up”.  They find the box of micro-inverters for the power grid.  We see Aiden keep watch, he hears something behind him and we see a walker and Aiden begins shooting, but that’s one tricky walker, he’s got an old Glenn-like armored suit on.  He begins to shoot it and continues to do so, Glenn yells to stop when…..BOOOM, an explosion.

We’re back, things look explosive (rim shot please).  They all get up and look around, and we see Aiden pinned up against a rack, looks dead.  Glenn is calling out names, we see Noah, then Eugene calls out, they come over and see that Tara is hurt.  Uh oh…. walker heading toward the guy who is too afraid to kill walkers (cough cough Eugene), Glenn and Noah will do it, wait….nope….they’re stuck.  You mean to tell me the guy talking about not being able to kill walkers earlier in the episode was put in a precarious position to kill walkers?  How awesomely cliché!


Eugene points his gun and is prepared to shoot, the walker approaches, and he doesn’t fire….great…job…Eugene.  The walker falls on him and Glenn and Noah break free and save him.

We see Carol slowly walking down the stairs clearly aware that something or someone is around, she looks in the closet below and it’s the COOKIE MONSTER aka Sam, and the big shocker of this episode, the damn kid wants more cookies!  I mean I loved cookies as much as the next kid, but Sam is just on another level with his cookie obsession.  Sam’s owl statue was broken, and he was even going to paint it today, but Carol isn’t impressed with his first world problems….actually, would these be first world problems still?….maybe #zombieapocalypseworldproblems?  I don’t know.

Back to Glenn and the gang, they are talking about how to rescue Tara, when all of a sudden a noise is heard from the other side of the building, its Aiden, not dead.  Lots of walkers are near him and the group attempts to save Aiden while Eugene says he can watch after Tara.  We see a new group, including Abe gathering pieces for a new wall, the construction group we’ll call them.  A man in the group asks Abe if he’s cool to chill, he’s gotta send a fax to Cleveland.  Say what? Abe thinks this is normal.  (Maybe he meant he’d FOX THEM, another rim shot please) Now it looks like Abe’s losing it as he rests his body on the construction equipment, but all of a sudden walkers come, lots of walkers.  They begin to take them out when a woman sitting in the top of a bulldozer falls out, and the group decides to retreat, Abe is puzzled that they’re not going to save her, he saves her himself, and says “Mother dick?”  Sorry literally rewound this 3 times and that’s what I heard.

Abe is taking on all of the walkers and then throws his gun to Francine (bulldozer woman) and she spots him.  One of the guys from the group goes back.  Tobin who was so eager to leave earlier, questions him, and he says he’s going to help Abe.  These guys are jackasses.  I mean I know that these people have lived about the cushiest life you can given the circumstances, but their actions are a little farfetched in my opinion, they would just leave one of their own, and give up after literally 2 seconds?

We see Rick, a knock on his door, its Jessie’s husband, Pete.  This should go well and probably won’t be awkward at all.  He offers Rick a beer for helping out with the broken owl investigation, no leads from Rick.  Pete doesn’t seem to care too much about the owl.  Pete awkwardly offers his condolences regarding Lori’s death.  Pete says it doesn’t look like they’ve lost much here at Alexandria, but they have.  Pete says Rick should bring in his kids for a checkup.  Rick says okay.  Then Pete quickly states that he and Rick should be friends, and within about 2 minutes of conversation, they’ve talked about 5 different things:

change subject

Pete leaves and Rick looks at his wedding ring, doing some of that ole Rick thinking.  Back to Eugene who is talking to an unconscious Tara and says he doesn’t take responsibility for this.  But it looks like Eugen is going to finally put in some dirty and work and puts Tara over his back and begins to head out, killing walkers along the way.  The group gets to Aiden, who has a pipe coming through him.  Nicholas is sounding like he wants to bail, but Glenn says he can do this; Nicholas of course can’t because he’s from Alexandria and they suck, and bails.  Aiden tells Glenn that “it was us”, basically that they left their group to die, and nods Glenn off to go, walkers come and that’s the end of Aiden.

Back at the construction site, Abe is not happy with Tobin who wanted to leave Francine behind.  Francine gives him a good slap, you go Francine!  The other man wants to end the work day, but Abe says hell no, “we got a wall to build” and takes the lead.  Our power grid group heads into another building.  Nicholas leaves through some revolving doors, bad idea, he runs back through due to walkers being outside and Glenn and Noah also enter the doors to escape the walkers from the inside.  there are now walkers on in the inside of the building and the outside, they are stuck and I have a bad feeling about this.

At Deanna’s, Tobin is telling Deanna, Reg, and Maggie that he wants Abe to run the construction site.  Deanna isn’t sure, but the man urges her to let him, Deanna agrees.  The man and Reg leave.   Maggie says that he’s right, Abraham is more qualified.  Deanna says that’s another of their group that has been put in a position of power, sounding very defeated.  Maggie says they need them to build the future.  There’s a knock on Carol’s door, its Sam, with the chocolate. Sam wants to chit chat; Carol wants no part of talking with monster who loves cookies.  She finally humors him and shares a conversation.  Sam asks why she cooks, she says that she cooks when she’s mad, it helps her.  Sam says he breaks things when he’s mad, and she asks if he broke his owl statue, he did. Sam asks her why she needed the guns, Carol says to protect herself.  Sam asks if he can have a gun, Carol asks why, he says it’s not for him, Carol asks for who then? Sam runs off leaving Carol to think the worst.

We’re back at the revolving door of death, and it doesn’t look good.  A horn sounds, its Eugene in the van, he distracts the walkers and they retreat towards Eugene.  Glenn says he’s going to break the glass of one of the doors, but it’s not breaking and Nicholas freaks out and revolves the door, causing the door to obviously revolve and rotates the walkers  towards Glenn and Noah.  They grab Noah, and pull him through.  He is killed, and by killed, I mean mutilated badly.  So these Alexandria people really suck at life.  I’m thinking Rick is right and they should just take over the town.

Eugene rolls up and Nicholas waves him down, he pulls Eugene out of the van and hops in.  He’s then pulled back out, its Glenn (I was really happy at this) and he knocks Nicholas unconscious.  Eugene asks about Noah and Glenn just gives him a stare.  We see Carol knocking on the Anderson’s door, Pete answers.  Carol says she was with Sam earlier and that she’s seeing if he’s okay.  Pete questions back “Why wouldn’t he be?” in a very defensive tone.  She wants to talk to Jessie, Pete says “not a good time” and he shuts the door.  Glenn and Eugene are heading home with Tara in the back and Eugene pointing a gun at Nicholas.

There’s a knock on Deanna’s door, its Gabriel.  He needs to talk to her and says “Satan disguises himself as the angel of light” and he’s afraid that false light is here.  He says Alexandria is a paradise and that he’s grateful to be here, but it was a mistake to let in the others.  We see Maggie overhear the conversation.  Gabriel says they’ve done unspeakable things.  Carol enters Rick’s home, tells Rick that Pete is hitting Jessie and Sam.  (Now we have this sort of back and forth with Carol/Rick and Deanna/Gabriel playing off of one another.)  Deana says that they would do things for being out there so long.  Gabriel says they can’t be trusted and our dangerous.  Rick asks Carol if Sam told her, she said he didn’t have to.  Deanna asks Gabriel why he’s coming to her now; he repeats the line about the angel of light.  He says they don’t deserve paradise.  Deanna thanks him and says she has a lot to think about.  We here a man scream “help, I need help”. Flash over to Rick and Carol and she says she knows how it’s going to go with Pete, there is only one way it can go “You’re going to have to kill him”.  Fade to black.


This week’s episode drove us further into the relationships between our group and the Alexandria people.  You had the power grid group, the construction group, and other ad hoc meetings between the two groups throughout this episode.  I was hoping they would go smoothly, but all of them had something go wrong or didn’t exactly further the relationship in a positive way.  You can easily see a change from the Deana we saw the first time to the Deanna we saw after her conversation with Gabriel at the end of the episode.  I’m wondering if Deanna is going to continue to be a smooth operator or eventually blow like Dawn earlier this season.  It was very heartbreaking to look back on the scene between Noah and Reg.  It looked to me like Noah finally found his calling and what he could provide to the group.  RIP Noah, we hardly knew you, literally.  One topic I was hoping the show would dive into a bit further is how Alexandria runs, but that’s not really their intent with Alexandria like it maybe was with Woodbury.  Alexandria is there to show the audience how hard it is for our group to rejoin civilization after being away from it for so long.  Even after returning back to “normal” life for a little while in Alexandria, it appears in their minds that the outside world is more normal to them and I don’t see that changing.  Gabriel has pissed me off from the beginning, and it’s ironic to watch him call the group untrustworthy, look in a freaking mirror dude.  But why is Gabriel saying these things.  My theory in particular is that he really does find this place to be paradise and wants to stay, but is paranoid that the group will inform the people of Alexandria of the things he’s done.  The strawberries in the first scene were a symbol of that reminded Gabriel that he is supposed to be a respected man, but with the group around, he will continue to not only fear his secret will be told, but that he himself will believe he is still the bad person he remembers.  What I really want to say is I hope he gets what’s coming to him, but that’s hard to say about a preacher. Only 2 episodes left this season and we’ve lost a lot people so far.  What will the finale hold and what will be our group’s future with Alexandria?  With the Negan whispers on the horizon, we could start to see some hints in these last 2 episodes, so pay attention.  Until next time, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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  1. You are so right. What was normal to them before is now feared. They can’t relax in a stress-free environment. If/when this nightmare is over, can the ever have a productive and enriching life again? I have my doubts.

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