Ep. 15 “Try”


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The Walking Dead “Try” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10


Tonight is the final episode before next week’s finale and we begin with a stroll through the woods with one of our walker pals.  Deanna, Reg, and Spencer, are seen sitting in their family room, grieving, Deanna puts on a CD.  The music plays over a montage of scenes.  Carol is cooking, and we see creepy Sam looking in on her.  Sasha is manning the watch tower, still doesn’t look right.  The walker from earlier is now approaching the gates.  Pan back to Reg, he says turn off the music.  You think maybe they got the news about their son?  Knock on their door, nobody there, oh wait, yes, a casserole is there with a note “We are truly sorry for your loss”.  Deanna picks up the note, leaves the casserole, heads back inside and burns it.  Sasha shoots the walker.  Another walker is shot, this time by Daryl.  Aaron walks up and mentions there seem to be more walkers than normal, but no people around.  Daryl points to a light in the woods and says “Someone is”.  Wow, what a beginning, looks like I’m going to need my turbo fingers for this recap.

We see a video of Nicholas describing the incident, we also see Glenn explaining his side of the story.  Nicholas is lying, whereas Glenn is telling the truth.  We see that Glenn is talking to Rick and we see Deanna watching the video of her interview with Nicholas.  Rick is saying these people don’t get it, they don’t see what it’s like outside these walls.  Rick says we don’t answer to them.  Glenn says we have to make this work.

Rick walks up to Carol.  She asks him if he thought about what she said about the Pete situation.  We see things aren’t good at Jessie’s house.  Carol mentions that Sam told her that he has a bolt on the inside of his closet, and that Jessie tells him to lock himself in there certain nights.  Rick asks Carol why does she care what happens to Jessie, Carol says you know why.  Ummmm hello Rick, not difficult.  Carol then says, I know why you do.  Carol says if walkers hadn’t gotten Ed, she wouldn’t be standing here now, Rick rebuttals and says “Yeah you would”.  Rick walks away, hand on his gun, doing some thinking.  And well the worst person to possibly walk up in the world does, its Pete.  He asks Rick if he’s okay.  Rick gives him the death stare and he tells Pete to keep walking, Pete finally gets it and moves along.  Rick’s hand can be seen on the trigger of the gun.

We see Michonne, she’s laying in bed.  She looks over and sees a basket full of laundry.  She pulls out a shirt, holds it up, it’s Noah’s.  She gets out her cop uniform and lays it on the bed.  Knock on the door, its Rosita.  She mentions that Sasha hasn’t left the tower.  Michonne is on the case.  Michonne and Rosita go the tower, but not before hearing a noise in the woods, looks like nothing.  They talk about Noah’s death and Eugene’s lies, sharing how things have broken them.

We see Deana looking upon some graves.  Rick walks up and asks if she’s okay, she says she’s not.  Rick says “We have a problem with Pete”.  Deana’s expression clearly shows that she knows and then she says “I’d hoped it would get better”, in disgust Rick fires back “You knew?”  Deanna rationalizes that Pete’s a surgeon, he saves lives.  Rick suggests separating them.  Deanna says what if he doesn’t want to.  Rick says it’s not his choice.  Deanna says “so what happens”, Rick says “I kill him, we kill him”.  Deana says this is civilization, we exile him.  Rick says that won’t work.  Deanna says don’t ever suggest killing again, and says I wouldn’t kill you, I’d just send you away. That’s cold Deanna, cold.

Back to Michonne and Rosita.  They notice a bunch of walkers that are dead and laying the ground.  All have been shot in the back of the head. Michonne suggests “she’s hunting them” about Sasha.  We see Carl out in the woods, his name his called.  It’s Enid, she says she knows he’s following her.  Carl asks her what she does out here, she says same thing as you.  They run off.  Carl looks happy.  They continue to run and then stop….they see a walker ahead.  Enid throws a timer to distract it.

Glenn walks up to Nicholas, “Don’t talk, just listen” he says, and then explains that those deaths were on Nicholas.  With the deaths before they got there and Noah, that’s 5 lives lost because of him.  Glenn says you will not go outside those walls again.  Nicholas says he’s been protecting this place:


Nicholas asks Glenn “Are you threatening me?”, Glenn answers “No, I’m saving you”.

Enid and Carl sit down by a log.  Enid says they are supposed to be able to run around like they are doing.  Carl asks what happened to her, before Alexandria.  She says it doesn’t matter, and he says it does, because it happened to me too.  Their favorite walker is back and they hide in a tree trunk.  Oh wow, a lot of walkers actually.  Enid says “It’s their world, and we’re just living in it”.  Carl tries to hold her hand, but he chokes! Come on Carl!  The walkers walk on, but we can see one of them has a “W” etched in its forehead.

We see someone digging up some dirt by a tree, a canister surfaces.  They open it and there is a gun inside.  The camera shows the person, and it’s Nicholas.  Oh shit, Nicholas and gun can only mean one thing:


We see a group of walkers….well…walking.  Then each is taken out from behind, its Sasha.  She’s killing walkers left and right.  Michonne and Rosita find her and ask her what she’s doing.  She says she’s sick of playing defense.  She continues on and finds a group of walkers, around 20 or so.  She shoots all of them.  Michonne has flashbacks of her old self, then pulls out her gun and begins shooting as well.  Sasha says she doesn’t need her help, Michonne says it’s not for her.  So I believe this will be soon known as therapy for the group.  Sasha of course almost gets eaten because only people in groups almost get eaten, so that someone can conveniently save them.  Sasha is saying that nobody can help her.  She says she told Noah he wouldn’t make it.

Daryl and Aaron are searching for the source of the light.  They find a walker, all their limbs cut clean off.  Daryl deduces that this just happened.  They proceed forward and find a woman tied to a tree.  She’s been clearly been eaten by walkers.  Daryl lifts her head up, she has a “W” etched in her forehead, she comes to and Daryl stabs her.   Well, shit is getting real creepy now.

We see Jessie smoking, she’s not supposed to, Rick walks up and says that her secret is safe.  Rick breaks the ice by saying he knows that Pete is hitting her, he’s hurting her.  Jessie says that he will stop, Pete has a lot going on.  Rick says he doesn’t care.  She asks him why he cares.  He says he’s trying to help.  Jessie says she doesn’t know that, but we have to take care of ourselves.  Rick walks off, then stops in the middle of town and observes its normalness for a moment.  He runs inside Jessie’s home.  He tells her that Sam asked for a gun to protect her.  Rick says if you don’t fight, you die, and that he doesn’t want her to die.  He can keep them safe.  He says all she has to do is say yes.  Jessie asks “Would you do this for someone else?”, Rick answers no.  Jessie pauses and answers back with a yes.  Pete walks in and asks what he’s doing there:


Pete asks Rick to leave.  Jessie says no, you need to leave to Pete.  Pete is getting visibly upset.  Rick says he and Pete need to leave.  Pete attacks Rick, and they go at. The camera pans to the outside of the home, we see a window, and Pete flies through it.

Sasha is sniping walkers again, and then notices all of the people running in Alexandria.  We see Pete and Rick brawling.  Pete gets on top of Rick and Jessie comes over to stop it.  Pete slaps Jessie and Rick gets on top of him.  Deanna runs over and yells to stop it!  Rick says “or what, you’re gonna kick me out?”  The eerie thing about this scene is that Rick looks like not one of the people we root for every week, but the person who the group comes in contact with that turns on them and goes crazy.  Deanna and her group look like the sane ones.  Rick says they still don’t get it.  They plan and hesitate.  Him and his people live, they know how.  “We have to live in the real world, we have to control who lives here.”  Deanna says that it has never been more clear to her than it is right now.  Rick laughably questions back “Me? Me? You mean me?”  He says their way is going to get people killed.  Rick says he’s not going to stand by and THUD! Rick falls over and we see Michonne standing over him.  Fade to black.


Boy oh boy business is picking up.  I mentioned before that I thought this season was trending towards our group becoming the villains so to speak and that would be the big season ending epiphany for our group of survivors.  They would become those people they most fear.  But I’m not quite so sure with tonight’s actions falling squarely on the shoulders of Rick.  But that doesn’t mean that the group won’t come to his aid in next week’s 90 minute season finale.  Also, for my theory to work, the people of Alexandria, while certainly not flawless, would need to be good and trustworthy so that our survivors would have acknowledged that they’ve made a huge mistake in what could happen next week in “Conquer”, the title of the finale.  With Nicholas and Pete’s actions though, they don’t seem to be any better than our group.  I really enjoyed Carl and Enid’s scenes.  Too often Carl is lost in the shuffle with the group.  We all remember being his age, could you imagine going through those awkward years during a zombie apocalypse and being the only kid in your group?  Yeah, me neither.  Sasha just seems to be getting worse and worse.  Hopefully she puts that aggression to good use, it sounds like the may need it.

There are two obvious questions stemming from tonight’s episode, the first dealing with the present season and the second dealing with next season,  1. What will be the resolution between our group and the people of Alexandria? And 2. What is going on with the W’s on the heads of those walkers?  At first when we saw the walker with a “W” on his forehead a few episodes ago, it was intriguing and nothing more, but when we saw the girl hanging from the tree in tonight’s episode, its clear that the people doing this are sick.  Now the theory from most is that the “W” stands for Wolves, which may or may not be a take on the “Saviors”, a group from the comics led by the infamous Negan that fans of The Walking Dead are waiting on pins and needles to see.  I missed this completely, but apparently the “Wolves” theory was created by the phrase “Wolves not far” which was written on a lot of the walls in Noah’s neighborhood at the beginning of the winter premiere.  Could this be the meaning of the suspicious W’s?  Who knows, but with the season finale next week, we hopefully won’t have to wait too long to find out.  This has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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  1. As much as the group wants normalcy back in their lives, they are uncomfortable and suspicious of it. Tranquility freaks them out. They have “turned a corner” so recapturing their old lives appear to be out of reach now. They can’t go back. Sad.

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