Ep. 16 “Conquer”


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The Walking Dead “Conquer” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 9/10


Well, my fingers are deader than a walker.  These 90 minute episodes are killers to write, fantastic to watch.  We begin tonight’s season finale in the woods.  We see a car that’s pinned up against a tree.  Inside a man sleeps, its Morgan.  He awakens, looks up at his rabbit’s foot and smiles.  He’s now sitting at a campfire, eating.  A man walks up, a gun pointed directly at Morgan.  The man says “looks good” and sits down.  They greet each other.  Morgan asks “what’s the gun for?”  The camera then focuses on the man, a “W” is marked on his forehead.  The man begins to tell a story of how wolves…ding ding ding….who said wolves? You win!..woops, back to his story, back in the day the villagers would put bounties on wolves and the natives would kill them.  The man said they’re back now, and asks Morgan his thoughts?  Morgan says “everything has returned”.  The man asks if he’s shitting him, Morgan shits him not.  (The root word “shit” is used a lot in this episode)  The man is enjoying Morgan’s company, says he doesn’t get to chat often.  He and his people usually just take a camp, but that this is nice (oh that’s nice to hear, psycho!)  Oh, the man also misses the movies.  Morgan begins to take a sip from his mug, the man tells him to stop.  Morgan asks why and the man creepily says I want it all, everything you got.  Morgan asks if he can keep some of his things.  The man said he’s taking him too.  Morgan informs the man he will not allow it.  The man tells him to be still, and another man comes up behind Morgan and tries to hit him. Morgan dodges him and we’ve got a 2 on 1 battle royal.  Morgan destroys both with his awesome bo staff skills!  Morgan places the two men in the car and he honks the horn.  Should’ve had better skills gentlemen.

bo staff

Darryl is on his badass motorcycle, Aaron is following behind him in his not so badass sedan.  They stop and get out of their vehicles and head into the woods.  We see Rick, he wakes up and is bandaged up from the fight.  He laughs.  Then someone calls out “what’s so funny?”, its Michonne.  She asks him again, he says it’s just like the train car all over again from Terminus, locked up.  Michonne says he’s had some visitors.  She asks him what he’s doing.  She mentions Pete has been put in another house.  She said he could’ve told her about Pete, he said he had to act quickly.  Rick says she wanted to come here, Michonne says they had to.  Glenn, Carol, and Abe walk in.  Carol discusses what Rick should say at the meeting tonight.  The Alexandria crew is watching the guns now.  Carol said all they’ll need is knives if it comes to that.  Rick says things will either go well tonight, or we act like we’ll slit their throats.


Maggie is looking out her window at the good Father Gabriel.  She walks outside and greets Deanna and Reg.  Maggie thinks what they are doing tonight isn’t leadership.  She explains that they let them in and now they are going back on their word.  Deanna says she’s going to do what she has to do.  Maggie, clearly frustrated, runs off.  Reg stops her and says that civilization doesn’t exist when people run, or when people are sent away, he says he’s going to say that at the meeting tonight. Sorry Reg, I don’t trust you. Being normal, kind, and smart in this show just doesn’t make sense.

We see Sasha, outside the walls, putting the dead dead in a large hole.  Sasha has a pretty grim life right now doesn’t she, which says a lot for the time period?  Oh wait, just got worse, she’s now sleeping on the dead.

alrighty then

Back to Daryl and Aaron.  Daryl mentions that someone just came through the path they were on.  Daryl asks Aaron if they’ve sent people away.  Aaron says once, group of 3, 2 men and a woman.  Their leader was Davidson, Aaron thought they’d work out, they didn’t.  He, Aiden, and Nicholas drove them out far and left them. Daryl shocked, asked that they went willingly? Aaron said they had their gun.  Keep this Davidson in mind; I doubt they’d mention one of them by name if there wasn’t future implications involved.  Wouldn’t be shocked if he is the leader of the Wolves.

Carol wakes up Rick, says it was good what happened last night.  She hands Rick a gun.  Rick wants to know why she didn’t tell everyone about the guns. She says simply, “just in case.”  Rick says he doesn’t want to lie anymore.  Carol says you want to take this place and not lie, “oh sunshine, you can’t get both”.  Carol the puppet master everyone!

Someone is peering through some binoculars at a person in a red poncho.  The person rubs something on their face and Daryl (our binoculars man) points out that they know how to keep mosquitos off of them.  They follow the person in red.

Rick walks outside, a group of Alexandrians are there and he greets them.  He walks on and sees Deanna outside, they exchange looks and he keeps walking. Maggie walks up to Glenn (Nicholas is spying from behind a house) and he asks her how it went with Deanna. She says it’s how they thought and she’s going to talk with people, try to solve it.  Maggie walks off and Glenn notices Nicholas climbing the fences, he goes after him.  We see Father Gabriel at the gates; he wants to go for a walk.  Spencer opens the gate and Gabriel leaves the town.

Rick enters his “home”, Carl greets him. Rick says Carl is staying home for the meeting, Carl asks “so that’s what this is now, home?”, Rick says yeah.  Carl says they need them, referring to the Alexandrians needing them.  Rick says he may have to threaten or kill one of them.  Carl says make them “hear” you.  Basically Rick, just be yours….actually, don’t be yourself.

Daryl and Aaron arrive at a processed food factory/warehouse.  Aaron mentions they can’t find the person from earlier, but they don’t come across something like this often.  Daryl says we shouldn’t give looking , especially on the good people.  Aaron counters with, “we’ll find good people, but we need to feed them.”  Daryl agrees and they head for the building.  They go to the trucks parked on some loading docks and Aaron finds himself an Alaska license plate (score!) sounds like that’s finding boardwalk for the McDonald’s Monopoly game.  Daryl opens up one of the trucks and a large group of walkers spill out, also some noises are heard and the other trucks open up and more walkers emerge, all with “W” etched into their heads.  They begin to run, a few close calls. They end up in a car. I love all the Daryl close calls, I’m sure the producers love screwing with the viewers.  Because, as we all know:


The walkers are now all over the car.  Daryl suggests finding something to cover themselves with, which will confuse the walkers and they should leave.  Aaron finds a piece of paper that’s wadded up. He unfolds it and it reads “TRAP  BAD PEOPLE COMING  DON’T STAY”.  That sounds promising.

Knock on Pete’s door, its Carol.  Carol has a casserole and some motivational speaking for Pete.  She demands that he will fix up Tara.  Pete says he won’t.  She pulls out her knife and says she can kill him right now and nobody would believe it.  She says he can work through this, or not.  She tells him that he’s weak, and that he’s even weaker in this world.  If he plays his cards right, he doesn’t have to die.  Oh and one more thing, she wants her dish back clean when he’s done.  HAHAHAHAHA YES.  She leaves and we see Pete drop the dish and begin yelling “this isn’t my house”.  Yeah Pete’s fine, don’t worry about Pete, he’s just fine; under a lot of stress right Jessie?

Back to Glenn, he’s outside now and on the trail of Nicholas.  He looks at a walker on the ground…then BAM, he’s shot in the shoulder.  That pansy ass Nicholas runs up and Glenn is gone.  Back to Alexandria, we see Rick walking up to Jessie, who is trying to figure out a way to fix her broken window, great timing Rick.  She says he shouldn’t be here.  He just wanted to check on her says Rick.  Jessie says people shouldn’t see them talking.  Rick says no matter what happens he’s not sorry.  He begins to walk off, Jessie stops him and says “you were right Rick”.  We see Pete watching the two of them from the window.

Daryl and Aaron are still trapped in the car.  Daryl laughs, Aaron inquires.  Daryl jokes about how he felt closed in back in Alexandria, but that even though he’s trapped in the car right now, he still feels better than back there.  Aaron tells him the story how he finally decided to bring them in, and it was when he witnessed Daryl leading everyone to the abandoned barn.  Aaron says Daryl was right, they should’ve kept looking for the man with the red poncho from earlier.  Daryl says he’s going to lead them out so that Aaron can make a break for it, Aaron says he should do it.  Daryl says it’s not a question.  Aaron still refuses and says they will do it together. They count down 1…..2……BOOM, a stick goes through a walker’s eye, its Morgan!  All 3 of them take out the group of walkers and make it to the fence, which allows them a safe barrier away from the group of walkers.  Aaron thanks Morgan.  Daryl asks Morgan “why?” and Morgan informs Daryl that “all life is precious”.  Aaron then begins to tell him about Alexandria, Morgan stops him, thanks him, and says he’s on his way somewhere but he’s lost.  He pulls out a map, the map he found at the church, and hands it to Daryl.  Daryl sees the note about Rick and looks at Morgan, Morgan looks right back.


Father Gabriel is walking through the woods, whistling dixie.  He sees a walker eating some lunch, and raises the volume of his whistle and begins to walk towards it.  He exclaims to the walker “I’m ready”.  The walker turns around and heads towards him.  Father Gabriel once again declares “I’m ready”.  You sure about that?  The walker moves closer and closer to Gabriel.  It gets so close its inches away from feasting on the good Father, when he pushes the walker away and pulls on the noose that is tied around its neck, decapitating it and then stabbing it.  He walks up to the poor soul the walker was feasting on and stabs them in the head as well.  He begins to cry and falls over and rolls into a ball.

Abe walks into the home where we see Rosita, Eugene, and Tara lying in bed.  He begins to leave and Rosita informs him that “he’s asleep” referring to Eugene.  Abe comes back in, sits down, and Rosita slams some pots down on purpose, waking Eugene.  Eugene looks at Abe and greets him.  He tells Abe that Tara saved his life and that Abe is the reason they are here.  Eugene thanks him and apologizes in a way only Eugene can.  Abe says he’s sorry too, he almost killed him he states, when Eugene doesn’t except his apology.

Father Gabriel is back at the front gate.  Spencer lets him in and asks if he can have some time with him soon to talk about Aiden.  Gabriel agrees and sounds SUPER excited to help him.  Aiden asks Gabriel if he can get the gate, Gabriel, looking in a state of a shock, throws the gate closed, he walks away as the gate push back in the opposite way leaving it open a small gap.

had one job

Nicholas is looking for Glenn, he sees a walker, once again struggles to kill it, and finally does by shooting it. Glenn surprises Nicholas from his side and slams him into a tree.  A classic fist fight emerges.  Nicholas ends up on top Glenn, putting his finger in his wound hole (that sounds dirty, it’s really not, get your mind out of the gutter!)  Glenn sees a walker approaching (woohoo get Nicholas walkers!), it gets to them, but unfortunately Nicholas moves and the walkers fall on top of Glenn.  Scene change?!??!?!  Oh come on!

Rick is waiting in his bedroom; Michonne enters and asks him if he’s ready.  He begins with “Carol, Daryl, and me, we worked it out together”, and explains their plan to her.  He says he lied to her because he wasn’t sure how she’d take it.  Rick says he was afraid she would talk him out of it.  She says we will find a way, either way she is with him, “something will happen, just don’t make something happen” she declares.  Michonne leaves and we see Rick pacing back and forth.  While doing so we hear a conversation between Rick and Morgan from awhile ago.  Suddenly, Rick looks out the window and notices that the gate is open and runs to it. He sees blood on the ground, closes the gate and runs back towards the town.

Rick is running down the streets, looking around for any sign of danger.  We see Father Gabriel enter the church, Sasha is sitting in there.  She says she doesn’t know what to do, and asks if he can help her.  He looks at her says “No”.  Well damn, you are by far the worst holy man ever.

father gabe

We are at the meeting now.  Imagine a tribal council and a rose ceremony put together, and you’ve got our meeting.  Deanna wants to start. Rick is nowhere to be seen.  We see Nicholas, still in the woods.  Rick pulls out his knife and begins running again.  Back to Sasha who says she wants to die.  Gabriel says why wouldn’t she, she doesn’t deserve to be there.  He tries to guilt her, and she says she knows what he’s doing.  He continues going at her, and she snaps and grabs him and throws him against the wall.  Back to Rick, a walker comes up behind him.  The tension and music volume is growing with every quick scene switch.  Back to the meeting.  Michonne is trying to explain why Rick is the way he is.  She says “who he is, is who you’re going to be, if you’re lucky”.  Cut back to Rick, even more walkers are coming at him, he’s taking them out one by one.  Back to Sasha and Gabriel, they are struggling over a gun, the gun fires and breaks a window.  Back to Nicholas in the woods, he hears footsteps behind him, its Glenn!  He cold cocks him and Nicholas falls over like the punk that he is.  Now Carol is putting in her two cents on Rick.  She says people like her, us, need people like him.  A walker is now on top of Rick, he’s fighting it off, it keeps getting closer to his face, until he’s finally able to push it away.  Glenn is now on top of Nicholas throwing punches one after another at his face.  Back to the council Abe is now talking.  He says “simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know shit about.  Rick knows every fine grain of said shit, and then some.” (That was not a paraphrase either)


Rick tears the throat and eventually brain out of the walker.  We see 3 gentleman walking up to the gates of the food warehouse, one in a red poncho.  They are discussing how the traps have been tripped.  The one says just be still, and 2 of the men kill the man in the red poncho.

Maggie’s turn.  She explains that Rick is a man with a good heart, and he does the things he has to do.  They are a family now, and Rick started that.  Deanna and her peeps can’t stop that and they don’t want to.  Deanna explains that before anyone else shares anything else, she needs to “share something in the spirit of transparency.”  She explains how Father Gabriel came to see her about not trusting them.  Jessie defensively points out that Gabriel isn’t there, and Deanna counters with that Rick isn’t either.  Maggie excuses herself from the meeting.

Glenn is screaming to Nicholas now about how someone died because of him.  We see Nicholas lying on the ground crying and we have a quick cut to Father Gabriel lying in that same position with Sasha standing over him with a gun pointed at him.  Back at the food factory, one of the men push a button on remote control and a light and music begin to play from one of the semi-trucks.  The walkers begin to enter the trucks.

Tobin speaks now, says he just wants his family to be safe, he’s not sure what that means anymore, but if it means we’ve got to get rid of….he pauses and looks behind Deanna.  We see a bloodied Rick with a body over his shoulder.  He walks in and throws the body down.  Everyone looks at Rick in terror.  With a gun pointed at Nicholas’ head, Nicholas is pleading with Glenn.  Glenn pulls away the gun and screams.  Sasha has the gun pointed at Gabriel, he tells her to do it.  Maggie walks in and comes over to her.  She gets her to put the gun down.  Father Gabriel crying says “they all died, they all died because of me”.  Maggie leans down and grabs his hand, and holds it, she then says “they did” and helps him up.

Rick explains how the gate was open and the walkers got in.  He further states that they always will, the dead and the living.  We cut to Glenn helping Nicholas back to Alexandria and Maggie, Sasha, and Father Gabriel praying in the church together.  Rosita is reading to Tara, who wakes up smiling.  Rick still talking to everyone at the meeting says “they’ll try to kill us.” One of the W men is seen looking at pictures; one can be seen of Rick and Carl.  Rick says he wants to change them.  He’s not sorry for what he said last night, he wished he’d said it sooner and that they’re not ready.  But they need to be, right now.  Luck runs out.  The people look behind Rick and we see Pete.  He yells “you’re not one of us!”  Reg gets in the middle and they struggle, leading to Pete slicing Reg’s neck open.  Abe tackles Pete.  Deanna holds Reg as he dies in her arms.  Deanna looks up at Rick and says “Rick…..do it”.  Without hesitation, he shoots Pete.  A man calls Rick’s name, Rick looks up and we see its Morgan, Daryl and Aaron.  Rick and Daryl look at each other and fade to black.


Well I’m glad I can finally breath after a crazy suspenseful 90 minutes.  I enjoyed watching it and being in a full state of panic the whole time.  On to my thoughts.

What I love about The Walking Dead season finales is that they set you up for next season’s setting so well.  A lot of shows will leave you with a cliff hanger, or have someone die, and that’s it.  This show knows where it’s headed next season and always gives the audience just a taste of things to come.

This finale did a lot to answer what I thought were the two biggest questions heading into the season finale: 1) what will be the tipping point for our group and the people of Alexandria and 2) what is the deal with the “W”s?  What I really loved about the way this episode ended was that unfortunately Deanna finally saw and “heard” Rick and what he had been warning them about the past few weeks, and it took Reg’s death to finally convince her.  Her command/request for Rick to kill Pete was her accepting the fact that she and they were wrong and that they need Rick and his group.  The Alexandria people were in fact “lucky” so far.  No major threats from the outside or inside.  Now there is no way of knowing what would have happened if our group didn’t show up, but I would imagine it was only a matter of time before Pete snapped.

Now on to the W’s.  From the little we saw of them it appears to me that this group of scavengers and well…..wolves, are cunning, smart, ruthless, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.  They reminded me a lot of the people of Terminus, but a tad creepier, which is quite the task figuring they were cannibals.  It’s only a matter of time before the Wolves find Alexandria and I would assume it’ll be up to Rick and friends to defend it.

I was very excited that we now get to see the second merger of Rick and Morgan, hopefully for the long haul.  Last time these two were together, Morgan was not himself and definitely not the man we saw in this episode.  This Morgan was strong, confident, and a fighter.  If he stays, he will only strengthen the group and their efforts to live their lives.

Well, now we wait half a year to see what comes next and it looks like it’s going to be an outright war.  Before next season though, do not forget about the spinoff, the newly announced Fear the Walking Dead, set to premier this summer.  From the little details that have been announced, this version will start from the beginning of the outbreak and take place in Los Angeles, and introduce us to a whole new set of survivors.  Should be a blast as usual!  Till next season, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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