Ep. 9 “What Happened and What’s Going On”

WD - EP9

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The Walking Dead “What Happened and What’s Going On” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 6/10


Welcome back Walking Dead fans to the mid-season premiere.  Usually mid-season premieres are filled with excitement, suspense, and twists, I did say “usually”.  If those things are what you are looking for, this was not the episode for you.  Now, I will not sit here and trash this episode because I still thought it was well done, just put at an awkward scheduling spot.  I’ll dive more into that in my review, but first the recap.

We start off looking upon Beth’s funeral….or is it?  Following the funeral, there were a multitude of shots of various places (past and present) and items (past and present), although I’m sure most of the audience had no idea what was going on.  I could probably use the word “trippy” more times than a review of the movie Requiem for a Dream.  So our new pal Noah convinces the gang to visit his old stomping grounds where they have….walls.  I say that sarcastically, but it’s sadly so important in this new world.

So the team hops into the Mystery Machine for a new adventure.  Interestingly enough, I figured there would be some resentment towards Noah in this episode for what transpired with Beth in the last episode, kind of glad though because it’s an annoying cliché in shows.  I thought coming into this episode that Everyone Hates Noah, see what I did there ;).  We arrive at Noah’s “place” and the group looks at the wall that encloses the neighborhood with some apprehension.  Glenn volunteers to look over the wall for hope that everything is okay, and as usual, it’s not.  What else wasn’t okay now?….Noah.

It’s suggested that they rummage the neighborhood for goods and then good ole Michonne asks a question that we were also wondering “Then what?”, and then she finds an Alex Rodriguez framed jersey on the ground (Can’t tell if the jersey was outside from the zombie apocalypse or just put out for the trash guy).  Tyrese goes over to Noah, who is freaking out, and tries to comfort him, even stating “This isn’t the end”…..errr AWKWARD.  Noah, who has a great track record with the group already, decides to disobey orders and makes run for it for his old home.  Noah, with one working leg basically, outruns Tyrese over what looks like a pretty long stretch of road and confirming that Tyrese is indeed the slowest man alive.

So we arrive at Noah’s house and both begin doing TWD things and look around without looking out for zombies.  Tyrese goes into what looks like a boy’s room and begins to stare at pictures on the wall of Noah’s twin brothers.  He is so overcome with emotion that he completely loses his sense of hearing and gets bitten by one of the twins on the arm.  Noah comes and without hesitation kills his brother.  Always amazes me in this show how a thing like a zombie, who is loud, clumsy, and uncoordinated, can always manage to sneak up on people.  Any who, Noah decides to get help and leaves Tyrese to listen to the BBC of radio, oh and also entertain the 13 ghosts.  More trippiness ensues and Martin from Terminus appears then Bob, then the Governor, then crazy Lizzie and Mika.  Martin is very discouraging, Bob and the girls are very encouraging, and the Governor, he’s just doing Governor things like yelling.   The Governor lunges towards Tyrese, but alas, it was all a trick and once the trippiness wears off, Tyrese realizes that it’s a walker.  He struggles for quite a while before finally killing the walker via letting it bite him and then killing him while he enjoys his snack.

The ghosts reappear and continue to do and pretty much say the same thing, but this time Beth appears and she begins to play us a song and with than the credits roll on another episode of American Horror Story: Murder House.  Oh yeah, this is The Walking Dead.  The Governor tells Tyrese that he taught him to “see”, (says the guy with one working eye).  Tyrese realizes he wants to fight for his life and some more trippiness continues when all of a sudden the gang appears and they quickly chop off Ty’s arm.  They carry Tyrese out of the house and attempt to leave Noah Land, when they encounter a crap ton of walkers.  We get to see some awesome Slow-Mo kills and once all of the walkers were dispensed of, they further try to carry Tyrese back to the van but are struggling a bit.  They all hop in and we should be good right?  Nope, the van is stuck and when Rick finally gets the van to move, he crashes into another van where a ridiculous amount of torsos fall onto the van (Explain that one to the insurance company).  Tyrese is fading and fading quickly, but not before one last pep talk from the group of ghosts that didn’t feel like being assholes that day.  But the trip was too long and the bites were too bad and we see the last of Tyrese.  We are shown his funeral which was what looked like Beth’s at the beginning of the episode and thus ends this week’s episode.


Well, I didn’t hear much good from the general public about this episode, and I get it.  It’s a mid-season premier and it was a little dull.  For Tyrese fans it was a gold mine, and for an episode in the middle of the last part of the season, it would have been more than appropriate.  But I fully believe you gotta pack a little more punch in your mid-season premiers then what was given to us this week.  The episode as a whole was a little hard to follow with all of the trippiness (woohoo what am I up to on trippiness count?) and not knowing if we were watching the past, present, or future most of the time.  Always good to see old cast mates appear, even if they were ghosts.  On the whole it was a nice send off for Tyrese, but unfortunately just poorly placed as far as episodes go, and I really don’t understand having it right after the episode where Beth dies. I would imagine things will really heat up next week due to the low action we had in this week’s episode.

As always, thank you for reading my unqualified review and opinion.

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