The Walking Dead Ep. 1: “First Time Again”

The Walking Dead Episode 1: “First Time Again”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 1: “First Time Again”

TWD - Ep. 1 First Time Again

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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:

  • Not a whole lot
  • Nothing has changed much since the infamous Rick-Pete showdown
  • We have arrived to “The Herd”
  • Morgan and Rick make an unstoppable duo (tag team back again)
  • The people of Alexandria still don’t quite put there full faith in Rick
  • Carter seemed like a thorn in Rick’s side, until he died (no rhyme intended)
  • “The Herd” was not going to be taken care of so easily
  • Nicholas is trying to redeem himself from being such an asshole
  • Abraham might be losing it
  • Maggie continues to increase her leadership abilities (and she’s still really hot)
  • Deanna is going to lose it and soon (rightfully so since she just lost her husband, who is still in Abraham’s ear, literally)
  • We need to know what’s making all that racket!

My Thoughts:

I loved the whole back and forth between past and present in “First Time Again”.  I especially love that the past was distinguished by being black and white.  Nothing annoys me more than when a show pulls the old flashback episode and you can’t tell what the hell is past and present.

I must say that I’m somewhat disappointed for this being a season premiere.  Did I want Pete’s death to linger? No.  But did I want some drama involved? Hecks yes!

I know that “The Herd” is an important story line from the comics, so seeing the group fail was no big surprise, but I thought leading straight off with it still felt out of place.

I would’ve given this episode a lower rating if not for the direction of the episode itself.  This whole episode just felt very wasted for being 90 TV minutes long.

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