The Walking Dead: Ep. 2 “JSS”

The Walking Dead Episode 2: “JSS”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 2: “JSS”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Maybe raw turtle is better than it sounds?
  • There are many ways to spell out the letters JSS
  • The Alexandria City Council has approved the building of a garden
  • Denise is taking over as the new doctor; she’s a psychologist so tomato-tomoto I guess
  • If world gets back on track, Carol will be first in line for a new cooking show
  • Smoking can kill you, in more ways than one apparently
  • If the cooking show doesn’t happen, Carol can certainly create some training videos for how to effectively stab anything in the head
  • The Wolves play for keeps, no warning, no anything, straight killers
  • The horn from the previous episode was caused by a semi-truck crashing into the wall
  • Carol is just plain awesome, we already knew this
  • Deanna is becoming pretty useless
  • The Wolves are not just male
  • Morgan is mentally ready to survive, but not for war
  • If the Wolves attack on Alexandria was a Halo match, Carol would’ve won hands down
  • No miracle first surgery for Dr. Denise
  • JSS means “just survive somehow”
  • Enid has flown the coop
  • Minimal causalities from the Wolves first attack
  • No update of the Herd was shown

My Thoughts:

These are the episodes that show how The Walking Dead is great.  Tension and suspense for the full hour.

The show pulled a nice switcharoo on us viewers.  I fore one thought we would be seeing The Herd invade Alexandria, when out of the blue the Wolves make themselves aware to our survivors.  The complete and utter randomness of the attack perfectly mirrored what we were watching unfold.  The whole time, you just kept thinking, who really are these people? are they all men? (nope) are they crazy? (most likely) do they have a soul left in their bodies (doesn’t look like it).

This episode also showed us that while Morgan has experience surviving, he has little experience in war in this new world.  Which is exactly where we are headed with the Wolves it looks like.

On more than one occasion Rick finds himself away from the group when they are attacked.  This has happened so many times that you would think he was planning them.  No need for Rick though, Carol of Carol’s Cookies fame had it all under control.  She really is a bad ass.  Her taking the clothes of one of the members of the Wolves and dawning them was brilliant.

Looks like our model is returning with one episode about one half of the survivors and then one after about the other half.  I personally hope that doesn’t continue because I find this show much better when the group is together.  Overall this was a very good episode from start to finish.

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