The Walking Dead Ep. 3: “Thank You”

The Walking Dead Episode 3: “Thank You”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 3: “Thank You”

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • If a group of people are running from something, at least one person will fall and get injured
  • Blaming Rick is the in thing to do for the Alexandrians
  • Rick has no desire in going out of his way to saving the people of Alexandria, and he’s totally in the right
  • And on cue another Alexandrian can’t hold his own and gets walkered
  • Tobin gets bitten; the group still takes him with them
  • Michonne, Glenn, and company arrive at a small town; we learn that Nicholas and his last group had been here
  • Heath is always skeptical and opinionated but provides little to no value
  • Daryl leaves his post on the motorcycle and drives off
  • Where did all those animals go in the pet shop?
  • Nicholas continues to make strides to redeeming himself
  • Nobody runs like a badass better than Rick
  • The Herd arrives in the small town, the group ended up losing Tobin anyway to the walkers, ugh his poor wife
  • Dammit Nicholas, you freaking suck so much
  • Almost expected at some point, Nicholas basically was the death of Glenn, Glenn is dead…. holy crap….wait is Glenn dead?
  • While resting in the RV, Rick is attacked by two men who he takes care of pretty easily, more come and he has them say hello to his little friend
  • Daryl rejoins Abraham’s car to continue their mission
  • Rick attempts to restart the RV, it doesn’t start, and he’s surrounded by walkers

My Thoughts:

Oh man, my heart can’t take this anymore.  These episodes so far have been crazy.  I’m still stunned at what we might have saw in “Thank You”. Is Glenn actually dead?  Boy it sure looked like it.  But on second look, its very possible what we saw was Nicholas’s body being torn apart.  Some notes as to why Glenn might not be dead (if you don’t want anything spoiled for you, READ NO FURTHER)


  1. As mentioned, Nicholas’s body is never seen, only Glenn’s face, and the camera angle was definitely strategic
  2. The actor who plays Glenn did not appear on The Talking Dead afterwards, which is kind of a tradition after someone dies on The Walking Dead
  3. In the comics, Glenn is not killed by a herd of walkers, but survives much longer than this point

You can read again now:

“Thank You” as a whole reflects how good this season has been so far.  It’s amazing that our group should be as safe as ever in the safe confines of Alexandria, but they actually seem just as in danger, if not more with The Herd and The Wolves.  What I like about this season is that the action and suspense is weighed nicely with the character development.  I felt like last season they would have whole episodes of character development with little to no action.  This season has been a breath of fresh air.

Now on to you Nicholas.  You suck at life.  I was really hoping that he would continue his rise of redemption, but I have to say all along I had a feeling he would come to his demise this way.  I truly believe he wanted to change from that person we saw in the beginning, but he was just too fragile mentally.  RIP Nicholas, you shall NOT be missed.

The preview for next week’s episode didn’t give us much.  We know we see Morgan, so does that mean we are back with the group at Alexandria for another episode, will the groups merge to be one again?  We’ll find out next week.

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  1. At this point in time, they have too many violent obstacles to overcome just to breath. Not sure what keeps them going. What motivates them to stay alive? The challenges are insurmountable! I do have one suggestion for them – stop running into spaces that leave them cornered with no place to go. Those are death traps. Stay in open areas for God’s sake!

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