The Walking Dead Ep. 4: “Here’s Not Here”

The Walking Dead Episode 4: “Here’s Not Here”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 4: “Here’s Not Here”

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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:

  • Looks like we’re playing a game called Now and Then with Morgan
  • Morgan would not be a very productive firefighter
  • Morgan wasn’t always the calm, rational type…he too had a shoot first/ask questions later mentality at one point
  • Morgan happened upon Fat Jesus
  • Don’t think “Kill Me” is popping up on any Top 10 Baby Names list anytime soon
  • Fat Jesus’ actual name is Eastman and is played by John Carroll Lynch, who happens to be racking up quite the cameo roles this fall (He played John Wayne Gacy on AHS last week)
  • Morgan from the past would kill walkers and humans no matter what
  • The origin of Morgan’s rabbit’s foot was revealed, it belonged to Eastman
  • Aikido, what Eastman practices, teaches a person “not to kill”
  • Eastman trained Morgan on his bow skills and the art of Aikido
  • Eastman has had some terrible things happen to him and he still appreciates all life
  • Morgan freezes when a walker he recognizes approaches him and Eastman.  The walker bites Eastman
  • Eastman gives Morgan some last words of wisdom before taking his own life
  • Morgan leaves Eastman’s cabin and moves on
  • We go back to the Now, and its revealed that Morgan is telling his story to the Wolf member he captured

My Thoughts:

So after all that action the past two episodes they hit us with a backstory episode???? Thank you! My heart needed a break.  Although episodes like “Thank You” are TWD’s bread and butter, episodes like “Here’s Not Here” remind us why we watch the show to begin with…..the characters.

How Morgan became the Morgan we know today was very enlightening.  How did Morgan become the panicked father we first met to the zen-like Morgan we know today, well Eastman is your answer.  I really enjoyed getting to know Eastman, even though you knew it would be short lived.

There are enough loose cannons on this show, in fact its down right over crowded at times.  It was nice to meet someone who thinks to ask questions first and shoot later.  I knew that Morgan would be a good addition to our group when he appeared in last season’s finale, but after watching the first couple of episodes and taking in “Here’s Not Here”, I can safely say that the group is now better with someone like Morgan around.  In a lot of ways, new and improved Morgan reminds me a lot of Hershel.  Hershel’s death left a certain void in the group that I think Morgan can fill.  Looks like we’re back to Alexandria next week.

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