The Walking Dead Ep. 5: “Now”

The Walking Dead Episode 5: “Now”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 5: “Now”


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Sullywood Rating: 6.5/10

What We Learned:

  • Rick escaped the RV and is now back at Alexandria, bringing along a few buddies…and by buddies I mean walkers….and by walkers I mean a shit ton
  • Deanna is diving deeper and deeper into Crazy Town
  • Some heaftier Alexandrians are fed up with the food rations and want MORE.  Spencer puts them in their place
  • Maggie wants to go looks for Glenn, Aaron offers his assistance and a safer way out
  • Spencer and Deanna play the blame game (probably not the best game to play while drunk…eh Spence)
  • Carl and his hair helmet want Ron to help them look for Enid, Ron refuses and threatens to tell Rick that Carl wants to leave (sorry Carl, Ron played the trump card)
  • Jessie is becoming a strong voice for the people of Alexandria
  • Maggie and Aaron use an underground sewer system to sidestep the walkers outside
  • Dr. Denise is getting better at her job, she even developed her own signature catch phrase “Hot Damn”, and she and Tara are developing a deep relationship
  • Rick, please don’t give Ron a gun
  • Maggie and Aaron reach the end of the sewer, but Maggie refuses to leave and informs Aaron that she’s pregnant (oh damn, that’s curveball)
  • Sam likes cookies a little too much, I mean seriously that kid has a problem, he makes the Cookie Monster looks normal
  • Deanna finally gets her hands dirty and kills one of the Wolves that Carol shot but got away, he had been turned into a walker.  Deanna informs Rick that she wants to live and that basically Rick should be in charge
  • Lots of kissing this episode, Rick and Jessie finally lock lips.
  • After looking like she’s got it together, Deanna looks as crazy as ever

My Thoughts:

Anybody else about had it with the people of Alexandria?  How can a group of people see what they’ve seen in such a short amount of time and be this clueless?  Refusing to listen to Rick, refusing to follow the rules, and now refusing to fight for their lives.  I’m not sure if this is realistic or just providing TV drama, but Rick and his group need to think about a plan on how to deal with the citizens of Alexandria.

Maybe Rick is still in shock from the Herd ordeal, maybe he’s just trying to have some faith in them, but this trusting Rick doesn’t seem to gel with the same one we’ve seen at the beginning of this season and the end of the last.  No way Rick is or should be this calm around these people. Deanna is a loose cannon, and nothing seems to be scaring her straight so to speak.  Besides Aaron and Jessie, I don’t trust another person in Alexandria, whether it be their intentions or for others, their mental state.

So far, this season has provided some good storytelling and a ridiculous amount of action packed moments, but boy have we had little time with some of our favorite characters.  I feel like Darryl, Carol, Michonne, and even though we saw a lot of her today Maggie, have hardly been around.  These are some of the most influential characters not only in the TWD universe, but to the viewers at home.  This show has got to take a page out of Game of Thrones and figure out a way to include all of its best characters in every episode.

It’s not hard to figure out that Deanna and the Alexandrians aren’t in a great mental state.  But lord knows we don’t need 5 scenes of Deanna walking around like she’s playing charades and the person, place, or thing she’s acting out is “A Walker”.

Judging from the previews for next week, it appears we are doing another split episode where we will be focusing on Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha only.  So it appears TWD is going to be keeping to a simple formula, split everyone up all season long with the exception of the premier and the finale.  Rant over.

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