The Walking Dead Ep. 6 “Always Accountable”

The Walking Dead Episode 6: “Always Accountable”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 6: “Always Accountable”

always accountable

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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:

  • After completing leading away the walkers, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are ambushed by a group of people with guns
  • In the gunfire, Daryl gets separated from Abraham and Sasha
  • Daryl meets up with two girls, they put their hands up and Daryl is hit on the head from behind and knocked out
  • After walking through a forest, hands tied, with the two women and the man, Daryl runs off when one of the girls faints and distracts the other two.  He takes the people’s bag and finds a place to hide, only to find a cooler marked “insulin” in the bag
  • Abraham and Sasha enter a building in the nearby abandoned town and mark the word “Dixon” on the front
  • Loose ends make Abraham’s ass itchy…interesting
  • Daryl takes the bag back to the three people, and trades it for the gun.  Just when he’s about to leave he hears a truck bulldoze through the trees and watches as a group of men get out and begin talking with the group of three.  They clearly have history.  Daryl takes them and they run in the other direction.
  • A man approaches them and Daryl distracts him towards them where a walker is nearby and bites the man, he calls over a “Wade” to take it off, aka cut off his arm
  • Abraham found himself a heck of a care package, 4 RPG’s and a box of cigars and puts the ole Abe charm on Sasha
  • One of the girls finds two old friends, of course gets too close, and is bitten by them and killed
  • Daryl’s trust is betrayed and the man and woman turn on him, and take his bike and his crossbow, they say sorry and Daryl replies “You gonna be”, ohhhh man those two are screwed
  • Daryl finds a Pattrick Fuel Company truck and picks up Abraham and Sasha and the begin their drive home
  • On the way, Daryl attempts to contact Rick, a voice comes over the radio and utters “Help”

My Thoughts:

It was obvious I was tad whiny last week with my thoughts.  Truth be told, knowing that this episode was only going to be about Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, I was prepared for another rant-worthy review this week.  But I was pleasantly surprised with this week’s episode.

It was actually nice to get more time with Abraham, someone we hardly got to know and still don’t know much about.  Also, Daryl’s run-in with three people was very intriguing the whole time.  I really didn’t know if they could be trusted or not watching the whole episode.  Even though the man and woman stole Daryl’s bike, I have a feeling they’ll be useful later on.

Doing some digging afterwards I uncovered that this man could indeed be Dwight from the comics.  In the comics Dwight used to be a part of the Saviors, the group led by the infamous Negan, who we seem to be inching closer and closer to each week.  From what I’ve gathered, Dwight does not see eye to eye with Negan, which seems to represent the man’s feeling towards those people we saw.

Speaking of Negan, more has come out regarding the arrival of him and that we will see him briefly at the end of the season and then he will become a full time character in Season 7.

If the pattern in the past indicates what we’ll see next week, we should be heading back to Alexandria and checking in on the majority of our group.  Only two more episodes before the Winter break, so we should be in for some crazy stuff.

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