The Walking Dead Ep. 7: “Heads Up”

The Walking Dead Episode 7: “Heads Up”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 7: “Heads Up”

heads up

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Sullywood Rating: 6.5/10

What We Learned:

  • As expected, Nicholas’ body was the one we saw getting torn apart, Glenn is alive!
  • Enid and Glenn join up in the town, and then Enid decides to play a game of hide and seek
  • Father Gabriel wants to have prayer circle, I don’t think Rick will be participating
  • Carl and Rick help teach Ron proper gun safety….terrible idea
  • The tribal council (Rick, Carol, and Michonne) meet with Morgan regarding his belief in not killing the Wolves members he fought…careful Morgan, you don’t want to get voted off the island
  • Rick and Michonne discuss a plan to lead the herd away, Deanna provides her new plans for Alexandria to them
  • Rosita is teaching machete safety….look at all these wonderful courses being taught at Alexandria University
  • Glenn catches up with Enid and wants to bring her home, her and her gun have different plans…..Glenn calls her bluff and they are off to Alexandria
  • Tobin helps Rick repair the fence and talks to him about why the Alexandria people suck
  • Ron distracts Olivia from her post and sneaks in and grabs bullets
  • Spencer loses his mind and tightropes across a hoard of walkers, the rope breaks and Rick and company save him.  Spencer explains that he wanted to get to a car to lead the walkers away.  Rick tells him to come to him and Spencer asks Rick if he would have listened to him….touché Spencer
  • After attempting to talk to Dr. Denise earlier but deciding against it, Morgan returns and has a chat with her.  Morgan wants antibiotics not for him, but for this Wolves friend I would assume.
  • Morgan and Denise leave her office and Carol watches from afar.  After pawning Judith off on Jessie, she tracks down Morgan and wants answers
  • Off in the horizon we see the balloons Enid had earlier.  Just as a ray of hope shines on our group, the church, which had been giving out the whole episode, finally falls and breaks the fence

My Thoughts:

Wait…that was it?  After making us stress and worry, and pull our hair out over whether or not Glenn was alive, that’s how you tell us?  Okay, so I was 99% sure the man was alive to begin with and that the whole he is under Nicholas’s body theory was obvious to anyone, but man was that anti-climactic.  I mean at least have the man riding horse back and arriving to Alexandria in slow motion with Maggie looking on and some bad ass music playing in the background.  Nope, for your troubles Glenn, you get the neighborhood emo kid to look after.

Overall I enjoyed “Heads Up” and it was nice to see our group and the Alexandrians get to know each other better, and no I don’t mean what Tobin’s favorite food is.  I mean really getting to know each other, how each group ticks.  But I had to dock this episode points because of the whole Glenn thing.

Take me to church has a whole new meaning after the end of “Heads Up”.  Whether they wanted to face the Herd head on or not, that church wasn’t going to give them a choice.  The wall is down and the shit’s about to hit the fan.  Not that they’ve had enough preparation, physically or mentally, but the Alexandrians better have their shit together.  No going back now.

What in the world is going to happen with Ron and his gun?  That boy should’ve never been given a gun, he just lost his father and it was obvious he didn’t take it well, especially in the blame category.

Next week is our mid-season finale where usually anything can happen.  It will be interesting to see if the group defends its home successfully or if they’ll need to be on the run again.  We’ll find out next week.

Your Thoughts:

Will our heroes defeat the herd? Also, shouldn’t Dr. Denise be further along than acronyms for infection?


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