The Walking Dead Ep. 8 “Start to Finish”

The Walking Dead Episode 8: “Start to Finish”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Episode 8: “Start to Finish”

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Sam has some interesting taste in music, as well as a large bug problem
  • The Herd enters Alexandria
  • The group begins taking out the walkers one by one and I also believe each person fell down at least once, Deanna gets badly injured
  • We all thought Ron was the one losing it, Sam’s even more bat shit crazy
  • Carol and Morgan get trapped in a house together, and poor Dr. Denise gets trapped with Morgan’s friend Wolfie in the basement
  • While tending to Deanna’s wounds, Rick and Michonne discover she was bitten
  • Rick wants to distract the Herd away from Alexandria
  • Deanna asks Michonne what she wants in life, Michonne doesn’t know but she likes Deanna’s vision for Alexandria
  • Carl and Ron face off in the garage, they break a window and the walkers get in.  They both escape and Rick and the rest of the group secure the door.  Carl confronts Ron and tells him that he gets it, “But your Dad was an asshole”….fantastic
  • Deanna and Rick have one last conversation….her wish? To take care of people like Spencer, not just his group.  She explains that they are all his people.
  • Carol manages to pull one over on Morgan and goes downstairs to see his friend
  • Rick wants to use the wearing the guts trick from season 1, everyone looks at him like he’s crazy, I probably would too
  • Carol and Morgan have their debate over right and wrong
  • Michonne goes to take care of Deanna, but Deanna wants to finish herself off
  • Carol and Morgan fail to agree and they begin to fight, Morgan wins, but they all lose when Wolfie gets to Morgan’s bow staff and knocks him out
  • Wolfie uses Dr. Denise as a human shield and escapes
  • The group begins to head out of the house, guts suits and all
  • Deanna chooses to use her gun on the walkers instead of herself
  • Guts group makes it out of the house and continue into the town.  The group holds hands and begins walking; they are looking good, until who else? But Sam utters the words “Mom”

My Thoughts:

I am conflicted about this episode.  In the present, I enjoyed the emotional adventure it took us through.  But for the future, did we just waste our time?

Deanna was a character that we needed.  Someone we could trust….for once.  We weren’t sure at first, and it’s now this sort of tragic death in my opinion.  All Deanna ever wanted was to rebuild the world, and do so in a way that mirrored what we were before the outbreak.  It was commendable and also probably a bit silly.  We unfortunately lost Deanna this episode, but to sound completely cliche, her memory will live on forever….hopefully.

It’s rather odd.  For the past year, 2nd half of season 5 and 1st half of season 6, it was Rick trying to change the people of Alexandria.  Our group as a whole was trying to do so.  They had had it with this life and trusting people was no longer an option.  They were hunters, not the hunted anymore.  They pleaded with the Alexandrians to change and understand what they went through in the past.  But with this episode and Deanna’s last words of wisdom, it seems like Rick is going to have a change of heart, Michonne as well.  Throw in Morgan’s beliefs and you can see where this is going to take us.

I truly believe the “hunters” are not what this group is, as much as Carol wants it to be it seems.  They are just like Deanna and ultimately they want Deanna’s vision.  Our group might begin trusting people again, and trying to rebuild the world the right way.  It’s possible that Rick and company might realize that they were wrong, and they were forcing a change upon the people of Alexandria that wasn’t right.

Problem is, we are entering a dark territory.  At at time where our group might become more trusting and idealistic again, they will encounter the worst evil in The Walking Dead universe, Negan and his group.  It will either be a cruel joke to our characters, or if not done correctly, poor writing from the show runners.

My worry is that we just wasted a growth opportunity, a learning experience if you will for our team.  Rick and his group have seen both sides of the coin, being the hunted and being the hunters and they will once again be at a crossroads between war and peace.  I can tell you one thing, peace ain’t gonna work with Negan.  I don’t want to see another season wasted with pulling our group and their beliefs in one direciton, and then forcing them to be the polar opposites.

As good as the writing is for this show, I am extremely excited for the soon to be arrival of Negan.  This show hasn’t been the same without a major villain and I think Negan is exactly what it needs.  I’ll see you in February for the premiere of the 2nd half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

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