The Walking Dead Ep. 9: “No Way Out”

The Walking Dead Episode 9: “No Way Out”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Ep. 9: “No Way Out”

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Sullywood Rating: 9.5/10

What We Learned:

  • We pick up from where the teaser for Negan left off.  The man who speaks with our friends takes all of their firearms. You think Daryl is getting sick of losing his weapons?

took our guns

  • Daryl didn’t lose all his weapons!  As the leader of the motorcycle pack continues to talk and threatens to kill our friends, they get blown up by Daryl and his little friend!
  • We’re back in Alexandria and we also pick up where we left off from the mid-season finale.  It appears that Sam’s big mouth didn’t actually cost our survivors anything.  Well that was kind of a letdown.  Father Gabriel offers to take Judith to the church and hold up until the walkers are led out of town.
  • Our guts-covered survivors continue to make their way out of Alexandria through the night.  Sam of course gets cold feet and then gets attacked!  Woohoo, aww man so does Jessie, who was in shock of Sam’s attack.  Crazy Ron comes back and points a gun at Rick and Carl, just as he’s about to pull the trigger, Michonne stabs him with her sword through the back.  Ron manages to get off on shot and everything seems to be okay.  Until Carl turns around, and we see that Carl has been shot through his left eye.  See below for an image from the brutal shot:

t 1000

  • I am sad about Jessie dying.  She gave Rick something he hasn’t had in a long time.  But not gonna lie, this was me when Sam and Ron finally bit it or should I say it bit them:

ross jump

  • Wolfie and Dr. Denise are hiding for quite a while in this episode.  They share some interesting conversations being from opposite sides of the world so to speak.  Wolfie wants to get out through the guard tower with Dr. Denise.  When they make a break for it, Wolfie gets bitten and Dr. Denise tells him if she gets him to the infirmary she’ll save his life, he obliges.
  • Wolfie and Dr. Denise head for the infirmary.  As Wolfie seems to have turned over a new leaf, he gets shot by Carol.  Welp, so much for that new leaf
  • Well someone is going to use that infirmary come hell or high water and it’s Rick and Michonne who bring Carl to Dr. Denise.  Rick leaves with one thing on his mind….death and killing dead peoples.  It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and Rick is all out of gum.
  • The people of Alexandria finally make themselves useful and aid Rick in his quest against the herd
  • It’s an all out assault on the walkers and it’s pure greatness.  Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl come back just in time to save Glenn and Maggie

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  • Daryl has himself a plan.  He pours gasoline in the pond from the truck.  He hops on the top of the truck and fires his friend, the rocket launcher, at the water, setting the pond up in a blaze of fire and leading the walkers to it to die….again
  • After a brilliant editing shot of all our survivors going to town on the walkers, it’s morning and it appears we have no more casualties.  The herd is destroyed.
  • Rick talks with a sleeping Carl, bandage over half of his face, and stating that he now believes in the people of Alexandria and he wants to continue Deanna’s work.  Carl slowly grips his father’s hand.

My Thoughts:

Well the people wanted a good episode….and boy did they get one.  This was one of the best episodes of the series.  If I didn’t have a heart problem before this week I do now.  “No Way Out” was put together brilliantly.  The cutting between characters and scenes kept the action going for a full 60 minutes.

I truly am sad to see Jessie go, her kids on the other hand.  I suppose Rick is not meant to find love again.  Instead, he’s going to have to help Carl through losing his eye.  Perhaps there is an extra eye patch back at Woodbury.

It was really great to see the people of Alexandria step up, and others as well….looking at you Eugene and Father Gabriel.  We desperately needed an episode where everyone went full HAM and “No Way Out” delivered.

Touche TWD show runners on an excellent and almost perfect episode.

Your Thoughts:

Who were you looking forward to dying more….Sam or Ron?


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