The Walking Dead Ep. 10: “The Next World”

The Walking Dead Episode 10: “The Next World”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Ep. 10: “The Next World”

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Rick and Daryl go on a run and jam out

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  • Maggie is already trying out her new leadership role by talking with Enid
  • While Rick and Daryl attempt to get into a vending machine, a man runs into Rick from behind
  • The man calls himself Paul/Jesus.  Woohoo, from what I’ve read Jesus is a pretty cool character.  Turns out he’s smart too.  When he ran into Rick, he stole the keys to the truck the two found earlier and steals the truck as well.

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  • Spencer does Spencer things, like going out into the woods and standing there while a walker almost kills him…..Michonne intervenes and she tries to figure out what he’s doing
  • Rick and Daryl trail Jesus.  They retake the truck from him and leave him semi-tied up with some loose knots..…get it semi…tied up? (Ducks tomatoes)
  • After traveling for awhile, Rick and Daryl realize something is on the roof of the truck, it’s Jesus again.  A hilarious game of “tag” ensues.  Eventually Jesus is knocked unconscious and the truck full of food accidently rolls back into a lake
  • Spencer explains to Michonne that he needs to do something.  They eventually come across walker Deanna and he puts his mother to rest
  • Instead of leaving Jesus like Daryl wanted to, we see that Rick and Daryl take Jesus with them back to Alexandria.  Daryl takes first watch over Jesus
  • Rick: “It is pretty stupid of us to go out there”
  • Daryl “Yup, do it again tomorrow?”
  • Rick: “Yup”……….great stuff
  • Rick and Michonne settle down for the day and then this happens

too weird

  • We see Rick and Michonne lying in bed….can’t believe I’m typing that….a voice then calls Rick’s name…its Jesus standing in Rick’s room, he says they need to talk

My Thoughts:

“The Next World” was our first glimpse into the future with our survivors. Our survivors were positive and willing to work together.  I really enjoyed our introduction to the Jesus character.  His cat and mouse game with Rick and Daryl was awesome.  Like I said in the recap, I think we are in for a real treat with him.  But not that we needed to really wait, we already saw him: take on Daryl and Rick, untie knots at ludicrous speed, and pull a Teen Wolf by riding on the roof of the truck.

I must say, I was about to rant and rave for my thoughts about Spencer in “The Next World”.  I know that characters will lose it from time to time, figuring we are in a zombie apocalypse, but scenes and episodes where this happens drives me nuts when there is no explanation or it drudges along.  I was so glad that Spencer had a purpose and just wasn’t being an idiot, and there was quick closure as well…..poor Deanna.

Now, let’s talk about our possible new couple.  Richonne or Mick?  So many choices for this couple.  I love these two together.  Those are two people who can really kick ass together.

Tons of action and suspense continued this week. Can’t wait for next week’s episode and learn what Jesus has to say to Rick.

Your Thoughts:

Is Jesus the most bad ass character we’ve seen come along since Michonne?


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