The Walking Dead Ep. 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

The Walking Dead Episode 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Ep. 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • If this world ever gets back to where it was, Carol is a shoe in for her own Food Network show
  • Morgan asks Carol why she hasn’t told anyone about his prisoner antics.  She doesn’t say why, and Morgan leaves.  We see Carol standing over Sam’s grave; she has placed a cookie on it….Carol keeps her “promises”


  • Rick calls a town meeting in the church.  Rick explains the situation and says it’s a group decision.  Morgan suggests the option of talking with the Saviors first:

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  • Rick says that not everyone will have to kill, but if they want to stay in Alexandria, they’re going to have to accept.  Looking at you Morgan!
  • Carol and Tobin continue to grow their relationship….some kissing even happened….ow ow!
  • Abraham says goodbye to Rosita, says he’s leaving her for good.  Rosita asks him why and he says “that he thought she was the last woman on earth, she’s not”….

oh damn

  • With the help of Andy, the Hilltop member from last episode, the group begins to plan out their strategy against the Saviors
  • The group begins searching for a Gregory look-alike walker, in order to literally give the Saviors his head on a platter.  Anybody catch the Johnny Depp Cameo?

johnny depp

  • For once I’m not actually being sarcastic, that really is Johnny Depp, Google it
  • We get our first glimpse of Negan’s complex as Andy drops off “Gregory’s” head.  Negan’s guys buy the fake head bit.  When one of them goes to get the captive Hilltop member, our group kills the other Savior, and then kill the other once he comes back out.  Rick and company then infiltrate Negan’s complex and begin taking out sleeping Saviors
  • A Savior sees Abraham and Sasha and sounds the alarm and all out war happens.  As in past episodes, there was no hesitation from anybody to kill, shockingly Father Gabriel got in on the action….

shocked jubilee

  • As our group plans to head out from the Savior’s complex, a man on a motorcycle emerges, not just any motorcycle, Daryl’s!  They shoot him off and discover a voice coming from a walky talky the man was carrying.  A woman orders the group to lower their weapons.  Rick asks why they would do that and the woman informs them that they have a Maggie and a Carol.

My Thoughts:

It was good to see Carol back, not sure why she’s been basically absent this whole season seems like.  I thought “Not Tomorrow Yet” finally did her character justice and gave her some much needed spotlight.  Looks like next week we’ll get a whole helping of Carol.

While I enjoy any action and suspense that this show creates, I found myself liking last week’s episode much better due to the information we were given.  This week’s episode felt like all action to me, but hey, I’m not gonna complain.

Not sure what’s worse, getting eaten by walkers or getting dumped by Abraham?

Rick’s plan almost worked to perfection if not for that slip up at the end.  They must have taken out 20 to 30 of Negan’s people.  My guess is that the Rick is not going to want to know the price for that.

What in the world was Morgan doing at the end with his welding shenanigans?  Anybody as disappointed with his character as I am?  I get that he’s basically the other voice we all should give a chance to share another opinion, but man he’s a downer as far as good TV goes.

Your Thoughts:

Who else is ready for Morgan to go back where he came from?


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