The Walking Dead Ep. 14: “Twice as Far”

The Walking Dead Episode 14: “Twice as Far”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Ep. 14: “Twice as Far”

twice as far

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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:

  • Rosita is shacking up with Travis
  • Eugene and Abe go on a run
  • Dr. Denise remembers an apothecary store not too far from Alexandria and requests that Daryl and Rosita go with her.  They discover a large tree that’s blocking their path.  They decide to walk the rest of the way.  Daryl urges the group to not take the short cut on the railroad tracks, while Rosita insists
  • Eugene appears to be turning over a new leaf….as well as a new hair style
  • Eugene finally informs Abraham what they are on their run for….they enter a factory where Eugene explains that they will manufacture bullets there.  Eugene also informs Abraham that his services of protection are no longer required after Abe helps Eugene dispose of a walker, against Eugene’s wishes
  • Daryl, Rosita, and Denise enter the store where they find a full pharmacy…..jackpot!
  • While walking back Dr. Denise gets stupid and is almost killed by a walker
  • Daryl and Rosita begin to berate Dr. Denise on her choice to go after the soda pop.  She fires back with an emotional speech.  Problem is, mid-speech she is shot through the eye with an arrow:
  • A group of people run out from the woods, guns pointed at Daryl and Rosita.  Emerging from them is Dwight, who was a part of the group that took Daryl’s bike earlier in the season, as well as Eugene who has been captured by them
  • Dwight tells them that they are going to take him and his group of Saviors to Alexandria.  Abe comes to the rescue and Eugene thinks on his toes and bites Dwight’s…..well his little Dwight I guess?  The Saviors run off and besides poor Denise, everyone is safe
  • Carol rights a letter to Tobin saying she’s leaving and she’s not coming back.  She can’t kill for everyone and won’t

My Thoughts:

While “Twice as Far” certainly had some tense moments, overall this wasn’t what I was looking for with only 3 episodes left in the season.  I’m all for character development, but I really wanted more story than what was given this week.

Poor Dr. Denise, moral of the story kids is that soda will rot your teeth and you will die.  That might be far fetched.  You knew once Daryl pointed out that the tracks were a bad idea that something wasn’t going to go right.  This is a huge blow to the group….I mean she’s freakin’ doctor!!!!

I’m never a fan of stupidity, who is?  But this show frequently takes the cake as far as characters doing stupid things.  Denise’s soda actions were no different.  I get what Denise was saying about taking chances, but come on, there were only so many possibilities in that cooler, and soda pop was one of those, and it still wasn’t worth almost dying over.

As “Twice as Far” as aptly named, Denise took her chance by taking the shorter path, she was rewarded by finding the soda she wanted for Tara.  This meant the world to her.  Problem is, with risk comes reward, but also consequences, and unfortunately Denise rolled the dice and came up snake eyes.

Dwight, aka the Matthew McConaughey of The Walking Dead, made is triumphant return.  Get used to him folks, he should be around for awhile.  I am happy about that though, Daryl and Dwight going at it for a season or 2 would make me very happy.


Your Thoughts:

Would your favorite junk food be worth almost dying over in The Walking Dead universe?


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