The Walking Dead Ep. 15: “East”

The Walking Dead Episode 15: “East”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Ep. 15: “East”


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Sullywood Rating: 8.5/10

What We Learned:

  • We get a glimpse into the moments before Carol left Alexandria
  • Rick and Michonne continue to get more “friendly”
  • Daryl leaves Alexandria…..Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita go after him
  • Rick and Morgan leave to go look for Carol
  • We see Carol driving a modified Jetta, and by modified I mean giant pipes sticking out of it.  While driving, she passes a truck with some men in the back.  They shoot out her tires and start asking her questions.  They figure out that she is from Alexandria and plan to take her back so that they can gain entry.  Still not wanting to hurt anybody, Carols begs for them to leave….they don’t listen.  Carol shoots them with her modified sweatshirt gun…..yup that’s right
  • Rick and Morgan catch up to where Carol and the Saviors were.  No Carol in sight.  Rick and Morgan find a trail of blood and begin to follow it into the woods.  One of the Saviors survived and heads into the woods after Rick and Morgan
  • Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita end up back at the spot where Denise was killed.  They find his bike buried under some limbs and begin after him through the woods.  Shortly after searching, they find Daryl and try to convince him to return back to Alexandria.  They are really unsuccessful because not only does Daryl not return, but Rosita goes with him
  • While discussing their current situation, Glenn and Michonne hear a whistle.  A Savior appears from behind a tree, then another whistle, accompanied by another Savior.  After a few of these, we see Dwight finally come out as well
  • Rick and Morgan continue to look for Carol, while debating over their beliefs.  They happen upon a ranch where they see a man fighting off some walkers.  They ask him to give himself up but he’s able to run off when some walkers distract Rick and Morgan
  • Morgan reveals to Rick about his actions with the Wolf.  Morgan tells Rick to go home, and that he will look for Carol
  • Maggie gets her hair cut by Enid, and she gives her what can only be described as “the Glenn”.  Afterwards she experiences some intense pain in her stomach
  • Back in the woods we see Glenn and Michonne tied up with the Saviors.  Through the trees we see that Daryl and Rosita arrive.  Glenn tries to yell to them through his mouth gag, but they don’t notice that Dwight is behind them.  Dwight says hello to Daryl and fires his gun in a direction we can’t quite see, and then mutters “You’ll be alright”….

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My Thoughts:

Holy crap, what just happened?  All this talk about who is going to die in the finale and we might have seen the biggest death right before it in “East”?  But…..apparently the writers’ new thing is going to be to show us only a certain angle so that we can’t see what actually happened.  Was there blood? Check. Was it Dwight’s gun? I believe so. I watched this scene multiple times and it absolutely appears to be Dwight’s gun.  Do we hate Dwight? Double check.

As far as what happened in that last sequence.  I think it’s very possible that Dwight might have shot Rosita and not Daryl.  After all, Dwight seems like a pretty messed up guy.  I would think he might want to torture Daryl a bit or make him squirm versus shooting him from behind.

I have to say, Morgan for once had a good point regarding the Wolfie’s rehabilitation.  I mean I know that he saved Denise and all, but it never really hit me when that happened that Morgan was a teensy bit right.  Some people can change.  Remember this exchange fellow TWD watchers.  This line of thinking will most definitely arise during our group’s conflict with Negan and the Saviors.

As far as deciding which character will die in the season finale based off of events from the comics, I got nothing.  This episode showed me nothing that made me think it was someone in particular.  Also, don’t be surprised if we don’t find out who actually bites the dust in the finale.  Some possible footage might have leaked from the finale that is shot in a way that we might not get to see the poor soul.  Speaking of the finale, how bad ass did Negan already look in that premiere for the season finale?  Only one week, just one week…why is it not Sunday yet?????

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think will die in the finale?


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