The Walking Dead Ep. 16: “Last Day on Earth”

The Walking Dead Episode 16: “Last Day on Earth”

A recap and review of The Walking Dead Ep. 16: “Last Day on Earth”

Last Day on Earth

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Sullywood Rating: 6/10

What We Learned:

  • Morgan catches up to Carol and actually kills the Savior that was tracking her
  • With Maggie hurting, Rick and the group set out for the Hilltop for medical attention
  • Every way the group goes, they find the path blocked by Saviors
  • After being unsuccessful with driving to the Hilltop, the group decides to carry Maggie there while Eugene distracts the Saviors by continuing to drive the RV
  • After only going a little while, the group finds themselves surrounded by the Saviors and we are introduced to Negan
  • Negan explains that this is the new world order and that they all work for him now
  • As we learned from Jesus earlier in the season, Negan begins to choose which person he wants to make an example out of.  He uses the very strategic “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” method to choose.  The camera pans to Negan only after he chooses and the audience is seeing the POV of the unlucky character.  Negan takes a few swings and fade to black.

My Thoughts:

Wow, talk about having the world in your hands and completely blowing it. “Last Day on Earth” was promised and marketed as the best episode of TV you’ll watch all year.  I for one believed the hype.  Interviews from the cast helped take the excitement up a notch.  For fans who have read the comics or fans who are generally aware of certain plot details of the comics knew what should’ve been coming this episode.  Someone was supposed to die, only as we know now, that didn’t happen.

Look, cliffhangers aren’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes they are done fantastically, other times they seem tired.  The one we were left with in “Last Day on Earth” was down right disrespectful to the fan base.  When a cliffhanger completely catches the audience off guard, that is fine and extremely effective.  For example, the show runners who were trying to dig themselves out of a hole, explained that this episode was a lot like the Season 1 Finale of Lost.  The end of that season is all about getting into the hatch, and once they do, we see a ladder leading down into an abyss.  I think this comparison is asinine and no way comparable.  Lost promised it’s fans nothing, we weren’t even sure if they were going to be able to blow open the hatch.  Not only did we get to see them open the hatch successfully, but we got to see what was technically in the hatch, a ladder to a whole new world.  A perfect set up for a season finale.

The Walking Dead is unique though in that for the most part the show follows the path from the comics.  The show took the most shocking, maybe important, scene in all of the comics, and turned it into pure soap opera garbage.  The fans wanted the scene to unfold because it’s so important for the Negan character and also setting up the rest of the series.  People didn’t want to be tricked, they just wanted this scene to happen and happen in it’s entirety.

This the equivalent having a wide open lay up in basketball and instead chucking the ball as hard as you can at the backboard like a football.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Many people were afraid of a cliffhanger and nobody wanted it.  When The Walking Dead had been so great, maybe the best 10 or so episodes in the whole series arguably, it did something so stupid, that it’s possible it might be one of the biggest TV blunders in history.  The show was already on thin ice this with fans due to the Glenn “fake out death”, but this might be unforgivable for a large portion of the viewers.

The only two things that were great about this episode, was the build up and every single second of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  The man, as expected, was fantastic.

I am utterly speechless with how poorly this groundbreaking episode of TV was handled.  The show runners better bring it for Season 7.

Your Thoughts:

Who got the bat?


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